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HCL Technologies

HCL helps a leading publisher transform and build their test engine platform

HCL helps a leading publisher transform and build their test engine platform

The business challenge for the client was to maintain security, integrity and credibility of the assessment platform in terms of accuracy and probability, and help students become government-certified practitioners in the US. In addition, they wanted to stay ahead of the competition in the evolving education and remediation space, by introducing innovative assessment and self-learning modes. Additionally, they wanted to overcome the following critical business challenges:

  • Segregated e-Learning products with integration under health sciences division
  • Scalability of the test-taking applications to handle the ever-increasing student base
  • Data inconsistency across applications and data repositories
  • Non-agile and non-flexible service based architecture of the existing web applications
  • Time consuming manual processes such as book loading and question tagging
  • Data migration of faculties from the legacy database to the new data repository
  • Huge product regression testing overhead for every release cycle

Apart from the specific challenges listed above, the client wanted to overcome industry-wide challenges. Subsequently, HCL was also tasked with redefining the business processes, introducing new initiatives such as enhancing websites with innovative features, which will help faculties and students to remediate and monitor their performance across regional, national and international levels. In addition, the client also wanted to phase out legacy systems and architecture by adopting new technologies.