Sustainability Report 2021 | HCLTech


HCLTech has sharpened its focus on sustainability, aiming to build this important issue into all aspects of its organization. The Sustainability Report 2020-2021 outlines HCLTech’s responsible business practices, as well as its vision to create harmony between people, planet, and prosperity for a better tomorrow. Shaping and strengthening the economic, social, and financial future of communities is at the heart of HCLTech’s culture. Its strong focus on ESG goals has delivered value and nurtured a lasting and productive relationship with employees, clients, and stakeholders alike.

HCLTech sees value in going beyond compliance and being seen to be socially and environmentally responsible. Its sustainability philosophy integrates ESG into all areas of its business, to ensure a long-term impact, not only on corporate success but delivering a positive impact on society too. We are in a phase of global transformation, where financial metrics no longer suffice as the sole criteria to determine an organization’s success. Everyone, from investors to clients are becoming more eco-conscious and focusing on green solutions and responsible consumption. HCLTech’s ESG progress is visible due to its adherence to the United Nations Global Compact and its alignment with national and international standards.

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