Mobile Data Terminal

What is mobile data terminal?

Mobile Data Terminal is a computerized device used on mobile devices (Devices in transit or devices that are mounted on systems that are always on the move) to communicate with a centralized control system. Mobile data terminals are equipped with technology to provided maps and information systems regarding geographic locations and other information relevant to the tasks and actions performed by the devices they are mounted on.


With HCL’s Mobile Data Terminal (MDT), the user can enter the data in real-time and the information is transmitted to the legacy system immediately. If the connection is down while in the field, the MDT queues/ stores the information until the connection has been successfully re-established, at which point the information within the MDT is updated to the legacy system.


For an Australia-based Fortune 500 company providing waste management and industrial services, HCL has designed and developed a Mobile Data Terminal to provide Fleet telematics application, Call and data handling, Location Tracking, Connectivity OBD II diagnostics and Data storage.


The desire to stay connected continues to turn everyone towards mobility. According to research by the International Data Corporation, a company that tracks technology market share and sales, Smart phone makers are expected to “ship more than 450 million smart phones in 2011 compared to the 303.4 million units shipped in 2010.” Such research shows that the smart phone market is expected to grow by as much as 50% over the next year.