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Manage your tech supply chain

Tech Companies Need to Modernize and Stabilize Their Supply Chain

It is time to control, rather than be controlled by, your supply chain.

Global uncertainty and stress have revealed cracks in the fragile supply chain ecosystem – especially for semiconductors, OEM and consumer electronics.

Organizations around the world have learned that they can no longer rely on the methods and processes of the past.

Automated supply chain models have quickly gained traction; however, supply chain management remains a complex terrain with an ever-expanding network of stakeholders. Therefore, supply chain managers need a holistic view into operations to improve efficiency, predictability and stability.

Tech companies need to modernize and stabilize their supply chain

Solutions to Help Tech Companies Manage Their Supply Chain

Modernizing and stabilizing your supply chain with intelligent, automated solutions.

Supply chain transformation

These past few years have created an atmosphere of chaos and lack of control for everyone who relies on the predictability of their supply chain (which is all of us, of course). HCLTech has developed solutions that create environments in which our tech clients are no longer controlled by their supply chain – they are now in control.

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Supply chain transformation

Semiconductor, OEM and Consumer Electronics companies have been hard-hit, with disruptions rippling through the wider ecosystems.

HCLTech has developed solutions that provide the environment where our tech clients are no longer controlled by their supply chain – they are now in control.

Leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML), our solutions allow you to continuously analyze, learn and respond to risks and opportunities. We can help you get the visibility you need to make reliable, real-time decisions and efficiently manage the intersection between today’s shorter product life cycle and the long lead times in the global supply chain.

Manufacturing execution and decision support systems

HCLTech has a proven global MES deployment approach (“Plant in a Box”) covering discovery, design, implementation, testing, rollout and training.

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Manufacturing execution and decision support systems

Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) are the backbone of semiconductor manufacturing. These systems have complex manufacturing operations including each plant having different work cells for different customers, integration of large quantities of equipment and external application integration.

We help our clients increase productivity and quality of their manufacturing process, improve material traceability and yield and keep a check on plant maintenance related costs by creating a single reporting source.

Intelligent Supply Chain Management (iSCM)

Supply chains have been disrupted in unprecedented ways in recent years. To minimize the impact to your business, you need real-time visibility across your entire supply chain. HCLTech has the intelligent tools to help.

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Intelligent Supply Chain Management (iSCM)

HCLTech’s Intelligent Supply Chain Management (iSCM) is a portfolio of solutions, backed by real-time analytics that improves forecasting accuracy, optimizes inventory levels, facilitates collaboration, enables real-time visibility of extended supply chain and manufacturing operations, and promotes seamless synchronization between demand and fulfillment.

Demand-Supply-Inventory (DSI) Evaluator

TOUCHSTONE®: A platform-independent tool that can pull data for KPI calculations from multiple systems into its staging tables through ETL activity.

iVISION Visibility & Collaboration Solution: HCLTech’s iVISION solution provides visibility across the supply chain

Case Studies

Tech Supply Chain Case Studies

Learn how HCLTech helps technology companies transform their supply chains.

Why HCLTech for Managing
Your Supply Chain?

HCLTech has proven expertise in helping tech companies manage their supply chains based on a robust suite of supply chain services inside our Supply Chain Center of Excellence (COE).

Our Supply Chain CoE is built upon a robust framework of best practices, automation and innovation, creating a level of visibility for our clients that allows them to take control of their supply chain.

Partnerships with leaders in the space - including Blue Yonder, SAP, Oracle, Kinaxis, Coupa (Llamasoft) and Logility - allow us to bring complete solutions to our clients.


Years as a platinum partner with SAP coselling iMRO and iSAM solutions


Years managing the supply chain for a major semiconductor company


Years of strategic partnership with Blue Yonder