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2023: The age of augmented intelligence

Until AI acts independently in decision-making, some AI tools are improving today’s workplaces by helping make better decisions and streamlining tough and tedious work
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Jaydeep Saha
Jaydeep Saha
Global Reporter, HCLTech
9 min read
The Age of Augmented Intelligence

Critics and competitors have time and again raised various questions on the ability of ChatGPT as they highlighted its risks and limits. But awestruck by the marvel, some in their reports have even proven its “intelligent behavior”—beyond just being a stochastic parrot—with the responses they were given.

While we wait to see how ChatGPT overcomes and delivers what people have been looking for from it, its demand is on the rise worldwide. Also at the same time, competitors who have already announced its alternatives and substitutes are making sure their products do not face the same hurdles and challenges ChatGPT faces.

Unavailable, highly risky!

The Guardian recently reported that searches for ChatGPT on Chinese platforms no longer returned results, and it quoted the South China Morning Post saying the workaround programs had been suspended for “violating relevant laws and regulations.”

While there is now an unanswered demand in China, Heise reported that at the European Union level, in a recently leaked draft (of the AI ​​Act), the list of so-called “high-risk applications” was expanded. Even though initially there is no threat of a general ban on ChatGPT, the expansion includes text-generating AIs. If the generated text could be mistaken for authentic human-made text, the AI ​​is considered a high-risk application.

The limitless AI tools

By the time the hype bubble bursts, a number of AI tools is moving the workforce across industries toward an age of intelligence amplification (IA) or cognitive augmentation or the popular usage augmented intelligence—a design pattern for a human-centered partnership model of AI and people working together to enhance cognitive performance, including learning, decision-making and new experiences.

Here are some tools you should know about

ChatSonicAI: It doesn’t have limits like SEO and content generation without images in ChatGPT but is a powerful tool meant for content creation at scale.

TweetMonk: This AI writer helps you write amazingly simple and detailed threads and are then coupled with analytics tool.

Superhuman: An incredibly powerful email writer and sender tool that’s fast and simple-looking.

Podcastle: This insanely high-performance AI-powered tool that helps you record and edit podcasts in minutes.

SlidesAI: Say goodbye to tedious, manual slide creation. Let the AI write the outline and presentation content for you.

Excel Formula Bot: Turn your spreadsheet problem into a formula in seconds or get an explanation of the formula in seconds.

ResumeAI: Write your resume with the help of AI and get hired today.

PlaygroundAI: It’s a great tool for generating art and images.

texti: An AI that lives in your browser and cooperates with you to boost your content quality.

Sembly: Perceived as one of the smartest AI team assistant as it transcribes, takes meeting notes and generates insights for your professional meetings.

Imlarger: This all-in-one AI toolkit helps you enhance and upscale images' resolution without impacting the quality.

BlackBox AI: An astonishingly simple and powerful tool to write code with just a comment. You’ll get the code in front of you in seconds.

Cogram: It takes automatic notes in virtual meeting and identifies action items while keeping your data private and secure.

Compose AI: It is a Google Chrome extension that cuts your writing time by 40% with AI-powered autocompletion and text generation.

RunwayML: Stuffed with 30+ AI tools, this video editor is a powerful tool to help you create anything, especially if you are a content creator and an influencer.

StockimgAI: AI image generation tool to create logos, banners, art, posters and stock images that comes in handy in businesses and for creators.

Glasp: Add highlights and take notes directly on any website. It removes the back-and-forth between the web and a note-taking app.

Akkio: Grow your business with data-driven insights and decisions. Go from data to AI in 10 minutes where no code or data science skills are required.

Quillbot: Save time by checking your grammar with this AI grammar and spelling checker.

MagicEraser: Remove unwanted objects in your photos in seconds. Just upload, mark what you need removed and download. You don't need to sign up, it's free.

BrowesAI: The easiest way to extract and monitor data from any website. Train a robot in two minutes with no coding is required.

CrAIyon: Create an image using word association where you have to illustrate your idea to describe how you picturize it--with actions, nouns, style or critical features.

WordTune: Bring your thoughts into words and say exactly what you mean through clear, compelling and authentic writing.

MurfAI: AI-enabled real people's voices that will take your text to speech with a versatile AI voice generator and make studio-quality voiceovers in minutes.

StockAI: Free AI-generated stock photos that can be used in any project without worrying about copyright issues or attribution.


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The concept of IA

It mainly focuses on using AI-ML in an assistive role to enhance cognitive performance. It improves human decision-making, saves time, drives business and sales by predicting right patterns, and removes human error and bias in interpretation. In doing this, IA increases the range of human capabilities such as making more accurate decisions in real time.

How it works

Besides ML, it uses logical reasoning, spatial navigation, natural language processing (NLP), machine vision and pattern recognition to understand and analyze old data; interpret and identify new data; reason that defines results; learn and adjust the system from the human feedback on the output; and ensure compliance and security for risk management.

Where it is used

Virtual assistants Siri, Alexa, and Google Home are some examples in exists today. IA is used across industries, including retail and online shopping; sales and marketing, finance and investment companies; health care; manufacturing and factories; airline and airplane autopilot systems; political think tanks; and mobile gaming.

Another example of its usage is how social media places ads on user profiles based on the patterns of their searches.

Data & Analytics and IA

Data is the main player when IA comes into use as augmented intelligence analyzes this data to provide a prediction that helps in decision-making.

The combination of big data and augmented analytics help closes the decision gap to help organizations achieve immediate and measurable business value through real-time, contextual recommendations.

Take for example HCLTech’s Data & Analytics that helped create the pandemic analytics in the early days of Covid-19, using statistics, control theory, simulation modeling and NLP. Besides enhancing situational awareness, it developed creative and pragmatic insights for more informed decision-making with predictive analytics.

Also, the Intelligent Secure Edge for smart cities, built by HCLTech IoT WoRKS™ using Intel technologies, is a collaborative platform that brings together citizens, communities and authorities as a virtual network, powered by AI, Edge, Wi-Fi 6, 5G and other next-gen technologies, to drive proactive responses powered by real-time insights.

The global augmented intelligence market size that was valued at $11.73 billion in 2020, is projected to reach $121.57 billion by 2030, with a 26.4% CAGR growth from 2021 to 2030.

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