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Artificial intelligence in the news: From the rise of deepfakes to VR

Here are the latest stories on artificial intelligence in the news
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Jaydeep Saha
Jaydeep Saha
Global Reporter, HCLTech
6 minutes read
Artificial intelligence in the news: From the rise of deepfakes to VR

With the explosive coverage of artificial intelligence (AI), including plans for regulations to keep the technology in check, here are some of the top news stories related to AI.

AI helps sort data 70% faster

UK-based firm DeepMind has created an AI model, called AlphaDev, that can sort data that has been overlooked by human programmers up to 70% faster than existing sorting algorithms.

“We honestly didn’t expect to achieve anything better: it’s a very short program, these types of programs have been studied for decades,” says Daniel Mankowitz at DeepMind. The new algorithm has been made open-source and included in the Libc++ library where people can use them.

AI and VR make Holocaust education possible

An AI-generated avatar ‘Tell Me, Inge’ will now interact with visitors in Berlin and share experiences of 88-year-old Inge Auerbacher, survivor of the Nazi Holocaust camp in Theresienstadt.

Based on her several interviews in the past, advances in AI and virtual reality made Auerbacher the star of a new interactive VR experience in which she recounts her horrific experiences as a small Jewish child.

“I’ve been involved in many [Holocaust education] projects, but I find this one is made for today. I wanted it to be able to be used for all ages, and particularly young people. With a book, you have to create your own images in your head but with this technology, you see it with your own eyes,” Auerbacher told AFP.

AI enters poultry industry

Four research institutions in the US are developing specific AI and robotics for the poultry industry processing sector after the Department of Agriculture’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture granted a $5 million fund.

After the research organizations established a Center for Scalable and Intelligent Automation in Poultry Processing, they will now collaborate with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Georgia Institute of Technology, University of Arkansas and Fort State Valley University to ensure advancement of chicken processing operations and sanitation with the help of AI-ML and robotics.

AI eliminates nearly 4,000 jobs in the US

According to a report by outplacement firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas, AI has been included—for the first time ever—as one of the reasons behind American companies laying off employees.

More than 80,000 jobs were eliminated in May, which represented a 20% rise from April due to market conditions, restructuring and buyouts. Of the 80,000 people, 3,900 people were laid off due to AI, the report added. However, it did not reveal which companies had the AI-related job cuts.

“We do believe Artificial Intelligence will cause more job loss, though we are surprised how quickly technology was cited as a reason. It is incredible the speed the technology is evolving and being adapted,” Andy Challenger, senior vice president of the Chicago-based firm, told the Fortune magazine.

Hollywood concerned over rising use of deepfakes

The rise of AI deepfake videos has caused serious concern in Hollywood with superstars like Tom Cruise and Keanu Reeves being the latest victims.

Recently, the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists expressed concern about the unregulated use of AI and its chief negotiator Duncan Crabtree-Ireland said the actors’ “digital doubles” should be controlled to ensure fair compensation when using their personas.

With concerns that studios will increase revenue by using AI to generate new content and try to cut costs, the actors’ union is preparing to negotiate labor contracts with studios and the use of AI is among the top issues.

A trusted partner for AI success

These latest news stories highlight a huge range of AI use cases and how the technology is quickly embedding itself in business and society.

To ensure any AI system is integrated successfully and responsibly, organizations need the help of a trusted partner.

With an AI ecosystem that advises, curates and orchestrates technologies from market-leading partners and innovators such as Google, Microsoft, NVIDIA, Red Hat and Intel, HCLTech provides scalable and fully integrated AI solutions designed to respond to industry-specific needs and maximize value.

Among HCLTech solutions are:

  1. AI Models-as-a-Service where vision, speech and NLP application and domain-specific AI models along with capabilities are transformed into actionable insights and intelligent decisions,
  2. Data Analytics and Engineering Services include establishing, maturing and optimizing data lifecycle and monetizing strategy through data platforms, data governance, data transformation, DataOps, models and insight building capabilities,
  3. Embedded and Edge AI Services are AI-enabled systems that use devices, sensors and advanced near real-time signal processing methods for video, audio, motion or other signals,
  4. AI Service Delivery Framework is a platform that accelerates cognitive services development for consumer devices and deployment on edge and cloud,
  5. Artificial Intelligence Services from HCLTech’s offering, which helps organizations strategize and implement industry-leading AI solutions and
  6. Cloud Native Labs focus on developing digital transformation strategies driven by digital excellence, including a dedicated Generative AI Center of Excellence (GenAI CoE) to develop solutions that will enable clients to unlock the value of data and realize the full potential of generative AI.

These solutions deliver next-level results, help organizations identify AI opportunities, develop strategies and create roadmaps for the adoption of AI and generative AI solutions across industries.

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