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Enabling SaaS business growth with conversation intelligence

How can the power of AI leverage conversation intelligence to power business solutions?
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Jordan Smith
Jordan Smith
US Reporter, HCLTech
4 minutes read
Enabling SaaS business growth with conversation intelligence

Conversation intelligence is an exciting and evolving area that’s enabling organizations to analyze large quantities of speech and text data in new ways from customer conversations. With the use of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and natural language processing, conversation intelligence can identify keywords and topics in customer interactions to attain a more detailed picture of the customer experience.

According to Sadagopan S, EVP, Global Head of SaaS and Commercial Applications, Digital Business Services, HCLTech, enterprises must analyze customer conversations to support the omnichannel customer experience. This improves conversion, enhances customer experience and helps sales leaders understand customer behavior.

Conversation intelligence can help create a cascading effect of progress within an enterprise as the result of the inputs received through natural language processing mechanisms, meaning the AI gets smarter the more it’s used.

SaaS businesses utilizing conversation intelligence

For SaaS businesses that use conversation intelligence, the goal is to connect with the customer and narrow the gap between the company and the voice of the customer.

“The distance between the street and the boardroom is always wide,” says Singam. “With conversational intelligence, we can get the voice of the customer into the boardroom in the quickest and most effective way.”

According to Singam, many enterprises, particularly customer facing enterprises, embrace a fantasy model which creates a barrier of not being able to listen to the end customer in the most authentic way. Conversation intelligence can make a big difference by crossing organizational boundaries and getting the message from the street to the boardroom.

Conversation intelligence can go beyond connecting more closely with customers. It can also be used by enterprises in hiring practices and for employees to feel more heard by the upper echelons of management.

“If you’re able to do it at scale, then it provides insights for the enterprise and from employees at a completely different level,” continues Singam. “And that will make employees more competitive, more engaged and make them more productive on the whole.”

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HCLTech enabling growth for SaaS businesses

Conversation intelligence is an enabler for business transformation with the ability to lay out new sets of processes that can be benchmarked across industries, across geographies and across sectors.

“The ability for enterprises to adapt to business model changes creates new opportunities,” says Singam. “HCLTech can play a substantial role in providing the ability to go to the core of the business, question the assumptions, revisit the processes and realign outcomes, allowing more enterprises to drive better outcomes.”

SuccessFactors AI Chatbot is a digital HR Business Partner from HCLTech that operates as an automated interactive solution for seamless interaction with employees, while responding to their queries. It utilizes bots that imitate conversations and relies on AI to constantly enhance the user experience and user engagement.

To get the most out of technologies like conversation intelligence, the ability to continually invest in employees and absorb new areas of expertise centered around technology processes is critical. The cornerstone of it all, says Singam, is aligning business performance to customers experience and the drive to continually stay competitive.

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