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Live from Adobe Summit: Enabling a customer-focused connected experience

Connected experience is a unifying set of digital capabilities that puts the customers’ needs first
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Nicholas Ismail
Nicholas Ismail
Global Head of Brand Journalism, HCLTech
3 minutes read
Live from Adobe Summit: Enabling a customer-focused connected experience

“Currently, brands are not talking about the right connected experience when it comes to engaging and interacting with customers,” says Kapil Tyagi, Associate Vice President – Digital Business at HCLTech, speaking at Adobe Summit.

According to Tyagi, online and physical channels are increasingly intersecting, and organizations are yet to take advantage of this to enable an end-to-end connected experience with the customer.

The connected experience

“The connected experience is the experience a customer has every time they interact with a brand, whether it’s an online shopping experience, when they are walking into a store or even when they’re picking up a phone to call a contact center agent,” explains Tyagi.

He adds: “Ensuring this combination of experiences is delivered to the highest standard is what we call the connected experience.”

Enabling the connected experience

There are three core components that brands or enterprises must embrace to enable the connected experience, which will ensure they are able engage the customer at every touchpoint across every channel. This multi-dimensional framework focuses on using a human-centric approach.

The first, according to Tyagi, is building a platform that is “consumable, composable and can adapt to new channels coming in”.

This represents the foundation for delivering the connected experience.

“The second is building the right data platform. With this in place, brands can get insights from the various customer interaction channels to make improvements to the overall CX,” he says.

The change from monologue to dialogue-based engagement requires data to be harnessed and leveraged across channels.

“And third,” he adds, “is enabling converged operating models to provide the right agility for marketers to deliver the connected experience in today’s hyper connected world. The traditional ways of working in siloes doesn’t work”.

With these components, marketers can deliver contextualized experiences across different customer journeys to ensure the ultimate aim of brand loyalty.


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The role of HCLTech

HCLTech supports brands in defining their customers’ experiences.

Tyagi explains: “We have our own framework that helps customers to quickly design experiences. We’ve also built accelerators that help organizations rapidly adopt these different marketing platforms, including Adobe, to accelerate the connected experience journey across the whole ecosystem.”

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