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Tech-enabled assessment: Meeting evolving demands in education

Farzana Ashraf, Senior VP of Product and Technology at Pearson, provides insights on elevating customer experience in education assessment
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Mousume Roy
Mousume Roy
APAC Reporter, HCLTech
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Tech-enabled assessment: Meeting evolving demands in education

Customer service expectations have risen post the global pandemic. According to a CX survey, consumers have high expectations for seamless omnichannel experiences when moving from one communication method to another, such as from phone to text or chat to phone, as part of one interaction journey.

Farzana Ashraf, Senior Vice President, Product and Technology, Pearson says: “The assessment industry is a niche industry. With evolving technology, the consumer experience has matured a lot. As a result, our candidates expect a seamless experience while taking assessments.”

The key to managing and exceeding customer expectation is to build a healthy relationship with customers and understanding their business needs.

“Once that relationship is developed, enterprises need to deliver what customer expects by creating a best practice, around delivery and innovation, which is only possible with people that we work with, whether it's our own people, or partners, to bring those solutions to our customers”, she adds.

Technology trends disrupting the assessment industry

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has played a crucial role in the digital transformation that the education industry has witnessed during the pandemic. Traditionally, education has been slower to adopt emerging technologies, such as Al and ML compared with other industries like banking, healthcare and ecommerce.

“AI-enabled technology will play a critical role in the assessment industry for adaptive and personalized candidate experience. From AI-enabled remote-proctoring technology for face recognition, security to increasingly advanced Q&A via chat bots, artificial intelligence, machine learning and expert human proctoring can enhance the candidate experience as we move toward ’assessments anywhere’ motto,” Ashraf added.

Pearson and HCLTech working together

Pearson is working with HCLTech to capitalize on this to create new products and services.

Ashraf comments: “We have been very happy to partner with HCLTech for the last 20 years. HCLTech is investing so much in technology, their people and community, which adds to our success as HCL’s partner. Supercharging progress for both of us means to leverage all the technology, innovation and challenges that HCL brings to the picture and use that to make progress in our business.”

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