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Jul 23, 2020
Your end users play a key role in increasing the value of your software applications. Research shows that properly enabled users require less support and adopt new or upgraded software up to 4 times faster than untrained users. With EnableStudio (formerly CA Productivity Accelerator), your organization can develop content, create documentation, and deliver training using a single tool to...
Jun 02, 2020
Our team of panelists will discuss how recent events that have scattered teams to home offices worldwide have impacted the effectiveness of Agile. Co-location is a foundational agile characteristic – but how important is it when it’s impossible? Does the distribution of teams break Agile? Can successful Agile transformations still weather the disruptions? How are Agile principles holding up...
Apr 27, 2020
There’s no doubt – the last month has likely turned your life upside down. But as an agile practitioner, you have the open mindset needed to quickly adjust and continue to move your work forward. But it’s not always easy, and aligning with some coaching helps us all collaborate and create a better environment for all of us. Our agile coaches, Mel Gallegos and Edward Spotten will discuss...