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Driving a new era of business transformation

This whitepaper provides insights from leading industry leaders, subject matter experts, consultants, and academicians about how DaaS offerings are uniquely positioned to address security and sustainability challenges, as well as other obstacles enterprises may face as they transition to a new model of work.

Here are some of the highlights of their views:

Transitioning to DaaS: Start at the Top

DaaS is a major business commitment that can bring significant changes to an organization. However, transitioning to DaaS can be a lengthy process. Companies thinking about adopting the model should carefully consider several key areas. Read this exclusive whitepaper by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services to learn more about the challenges that enterprises must address.

Comfort with Outsourcing

Ask hard questions before outsourcing functions such as security

Refresh Cycles

Companies need to be aware of the refresh cycle and process for adding and removing IT devices

High Availability

Companies need to ensure their employees have access to the devices when they need them.

Information Sharing

Organizations need to ask the DaaS vendor how it intends to share the information of its management tools.

Data Sovereignty

If a company decides to terminate the DaaS contract, it needs assurances that its data will be securely wiped from all IT devices.

Disaster recovery

DaaS contracts should include a disaster recovery plan to ensure resources are available in the event of an emergency.


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