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IDC SASE Spotlight


New innovations in digital transformation can lead to new vulnerabilities, especially for legacy security systems. And since it also requires trial and error and comprises one-off projects, legacy security practices often house critical gaps.

94% of organizations are in the process of transforming their cybersecurity programs but this needs to be done right. Security professionals often employ a reactive approach with specific tools to address these lapses temporarily.

Network security architectures must provide robust protection that is compatible with a digitally transformed user experience. IDC reports that 35% of business leaders consider cybersecurity and recovery investments to provide the greatest strategic advantage.

This demand has led to the development of solutions like Secure Access Service Edge (SASE). SASE converges network security with SD-WAN into one cloud-delivered service that consolidates multiple point products such as remote access and identity-based authentication.

To understand how SASE can deliver a unified, modern and secure connectivity experience for your enterprise, download the IDC analyst spotlight paper, sponsored by HCLTech and Palo Alto Networks.

Download the IDC Spotlight Paper


Key Findings


of CEOs rate cybersecurity risks as having the greatest potential to impact business


of organizations paid a ransom within the past 12 months


of organizations are in the process of transforming their cybersecurity programs


of organizations prioritizing network security transformation as a critical requirement

IDC Overview

Why trust HCLTech and Palo Alto Networks for SASE

When combining HCLTech's managed services and Palo Alto Networks' unified SASE solution, enterprises can seamlessly transition to a cloud-led network security architecture.

The combined integration offers a security solution designed for enterprise-wide implementation, with services across strategy, architecture, transformation, integration, and managed service.

Unique features

  • Homegrown enterprise assessment framework to identify critical areas and provide a SASE architecture-centric transformation roadmap
  • Next-generation, cloud-delivered security platform with a manageable architecture and SLA-backed performance
  • Best-in-class managed SASE solutions, services and flexible consumption models
  • Experienced team of consultants with rich expertise in strategic and tactical cybersecurity program evaluation and strategy development
  • Agile service delivery model, with innovation and scale to meet enterprise business needs

Download the IDC Paper

HCLTech and Palo Alto Networks for SASE

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