5G NR Non-Stand Alone and Stand Alone Call Flow-Part 1 | HCLTech

5G is the buzzword in the ever-growing world of technology. It is one of the prime technologies that is giving altogether a different meaning to “Wireless Communication” and have the potential to change the world. This is primarily a technology to serve consumers and digitalization of industries. It enables the existing (LTE) wireless system to evolve in the numerable aspects. The following paper is intended to give an understanding to the reader about the new generation of mobile telecommunication – 5G, including its modes of working, signaling call flows and changes in frame structure w.r.t. previous technologies like LTE. The complete content is presented in two parts to capture the information in a more structured way.

In this paper, initially we will get an understanding of 5G-NR Non-Stand-Alone technology that enables introduction of 5G services and data rates in a principally 4G network. UEs supporting EN-DC (E-UTRAN New Radio – Dual Connectivity) can connect simultaneously to LTE Master Node eNB and 5G-NR Secondary Node gNB. This approach permits network providers to go live with 5G services without expending for a full scale 5G Core Network.


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