5G Transformation in Embedded Systems | HCLTech

This whitepaper describes how the 5g transformation in Embedded systems into different domains, security features of the 5g and detailed information about data security in embedded systems, explain about critical security challenges, provided benchmark details and brief details on differentiate in between 4g and 5g. 5g technology will play crucial role in different domains like as in Medical devices to monitor the patient health conditions (such as blood pressure, ECG and pulse) remotely and patient wearable devices like smart monitor systems could be help in emergency conditions to void risk. 5g will be provided best solutions for secure data communication in between multiple devices to avoid vulnerabilities from the hackers.

5G technology will be involved in different areas and created a great global market for Internet of things, portable medical devices, industrial and surgical robotics, automotive industries, telecom service providers, home automation for control devices through remotely and control traffic light signals to make smart cities

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