Adaptive Advantage: How Organizations Can Win in the Age of Disruption | HCLTech

The Adaptive Advantage emerges from an organization’s ability to sense and respond at the proper pace of change. For context, let’s define our terms so that we’re aligned:

  • Sense: Being able to detect opportunities and threats in near real-time.
  • Respond: Being able to determine and take appropriate actions in near real-time.
  • Proper pace of change: Being able to ensure effective adoption of a single change and smoothly transition from one change to the next without succumbing to change fatigue.

The first step in fostering an Adaptive Advantage is making this “invisible problem, visible” by visibly quantifying the organization’s ability to sense and respond through a business lens. The beneficial outcome is an increase in risk reduction and value acceleration throughout your organization. These statements may seem like a recycled promise we’ve all heard in the past. This paper will expose key differences from the past and show how the Adaptive Advantage is now a requirement for winning in today’s age of disruption.

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