HCL has been recognized as a Leader in ISG Provider Lens™ Research Quadrant for SIAM / ITSM – Service Operation and Delivery, US 2020

This quadrant addresses the area of IT service operations and the processes required to deliver them the clients. Service operations is the area of classic ITSM processes needed to deliver defined IT services to clients in a robust manner.

The processes focus on three well-known clusters: Event and incident management to automatically identify areas in the environment that need to be managed; Problem management, including user help desk, to find and fix problems and communicate with the end user; Post-event area that includes reporting, service level agreement (SLA) management to ensure quality in the service delivered and to continuously enhance that quality.

Facility management is also a part of this process group to capture facility-related events that may impact service delivery quality. Apart from the more classic automation of process functions, this area of the solution market is currently undergoing a fundamental change due to the availability of enhanced technical capabilities. Massive and unstructured event-data, data analytics paired with AI and cognitive computing offer a wide range of enhanced functionalities that allow for higher automation in correlating and actioning. IoT and smart metering and intelligent sensors in products enable clients to establish programs that will lead to continuously availability of business services based on robust IT infrastructure delivery.

ISG’s clients that are currently looking for products and solutions in this market or are already active in this space will double their investments, on an average, for new technologies like RPA, autonomics, virtual customer agents, NLP and ML.

HCL Has been rated as Leader in the quadrant

As per the report, HCL has out-of-the-box offerings on platforms such as ServiceNow, Cherwell and BMC. With DRYiCE™, HCL offers a feature rich tool set that heavily automates the SIAM Service Operations processes. This makes it a leader in SIAM, offering SIAM solutions as part of its DRYiCE® division

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