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Application Support & Maintenance: More than automation

Most of the enterprise Application Support & Maintenance (ASM) services on the market today focus on automating operations to reduce human effort. On the surface, this goal makes sense— enterprises want to free up resources and resolve issues more quickly. But automating your ticket resolution does not decrease the number of issues neither it gives SLA miss to business. Automation can shorten downtime when it happens, but it does not address the underlying causes of downtime to prevent it in the future and save business dollars.

At HCLTech, we want our clients to achieve operational resilience— to see around corners, operate consistently, and deliver better solutions with quality assurance & testing to accelerate time to market. This is why our approach to ASM focuses on business observability, user experience and resilience in addition to automation. Platform observability allows you to identify and resolve the root causes of performance issues, resulting in better platform quality with less upkeep, smarter operations, and reduced technical debt. Overhead costs are decreased through operations that are truly optimized, not just automated.

Achieve operational resilience with HCLTech’s ASM 2.0

HCLTech’s Application Support & Maintenance (ASM) 2.0 is our customized framework that enables experience-centric and business-aligned outcomes via automated, intelligent, and contextualized application support operations. ASM 2.0 offers smart, enterprise-wide application operations which are aligned with application development, digital transformation principles, and new ways of working.

With an integrated and customized approach based on the enterprise's maturity across people, processes, technology, applications, and data, HCLTech offers the right ASM treatment for your business.

ASM 2.0 is built on these key pillars:

  • Operating Model Transformation: Digital acceleration is changing the IT operating model, and we help enterprises bring together application managed services, application development, and data/cloud modernization into a single value stream for more streamlined operations.
  • Site Reliability Engineering (SRE): SRE ways of working enable faster, cloud-native development for software fixes to increase platform reliability. SRE approach takes operations from being reactive to proactive, monitoring and resilient systems.
  • AI-Powered Analytics: We add a layer of AI-enabled analytics across your applications to enable proactive and preventive operations and actionable insights for better operational decision-making.
  • Business Context: As environments grow more dynamic, interrelated, and complex, it is important to look at operations not only from an IT lens but also to understand their business impact. Our model aligns application teams with business value streams and their associated business KPIs.
  • Predictive AIOps: Using a simple plug-and-play approach, we infuse predictive AI into your existing applications stack to achieve smarter operations and get ahead of performance issues.

Real performance improvements with ASM 2.0

With ASM 2.0 and our unique market experience in helping enterprises modernize their application landscape, we have become a challenger to traditional ASM models by helping enterprises build resilient and reliable operations.

With ASM 2.0, enterprises can:

  • Increase application availability to accelerate revenue and meet business goals and compliance requirements
  • Reduce tickets with smart operations that learn and address root causes
  • Adopt AI and ML-enabled operations that focus on better system quality, not just speed
  • Create better end-user experiences for customers and employees with fewer tickets, less system downtime, and more connected operations
  • Increase enterprise agility by freeing up ASM teams to focus on DevSecOps models