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HCL Technologies


HCLT’s Sustainability Services & Offerings

Sustainability is a business imperative today. We go beyond traditional service offerings by providing our customers with solutions that not only influence their profits and people but also makes a positive impact on the planet. HCLT’s business transformational solutions are available in our publication CIO Straight Talk, view online version for all stakeholders

Our Green IT Solutions

HCL Green Edge
HCL Green EdgeGreenEdge is our Automated Assessment Framework that  addresses the complete life cycle to achieve green and sustainable business in manufacturing. GreenEdge enables industries to consume minimum energy in their processes and leave minimal carbon footprints through the use of renewable and recyclable materials in everyday processes.  
HCL Green Design Workbench
HCL Green Design WorkbenchHCL’s Green Design Workbench (GDW™) is a framework and solution to address the sustainability, environmental compliance and other green requirements for sustainable product design, green compliance and energy management.

HCL Green Logistics Terminal
HCL Green Logistics TerminalGreen Logistics Terminal is a web-based tool that helps organizations set goals on emissions control and measure progress on the same.
HCL Manage Carbon
HCL Manage CarbonManage Carbon, an IT solution based on GHG Protocol for corporate standard, helps customers to measure and report carbon emissions. This solution uses open source technologies to maintain a low cost footprint. 


HCL AEGISAEGIS is a connected Home Platform providing device control and management, security and surveillance for energy management solutions.

HCL Green Data Center Services

HCL’s Green Datacenter Services help Enterprise IT organizations reduce their company’s environmental impact by assessing, planning, and implementing initiatives around their Datacenter environment. A key highlight of our Datacenter service offering is a unique Datacenter Green Quotient framework that offers assessment of the 'green' state of an Enterprise Datacenter.

Integrated Smart Energy Analytics Dashboard

Integrated Smart Energy Analytics Dashboard offers a real-time, intelligent analytics solution that focuses on energy efficiency at the demand side of energy business spectrum.

SP DAIS (Solar Plant Data Analysis Interference/Intervention/Improvement System)

HCL’s SP DAIS is a web-based monitoring grid that analyzes performance from an  interference, intervention and improvement standpoint. This solution is flexible and customized as per the requirements for solar, wind and biomass energy management.

Case Studies

  1. Harvesting Energy for the Next Generation
  2. Save Paper- Save the Earth
  3. Green Computing through Server Consolidation
  4. Fostering Sustainable Innovation


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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.