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ADvantage™ Pega Experience Amplifier: Personalized Customer Experience Delivery with Pega & Adobe intertwine

ADvantage™ Pega Experience Amplifier: Personalized Customer Experience Delivery with Pega & Adobe intertwine
October 21, 2020

Co-author: Shilpa Sood


Today, in this hyper competitive environment, each interaction with customer is more valuable than ever before. The right messaging is the key to gaining or losing a customer. The digital explosion has increased the opportunity to improve customer engagement. To give customers what they expect, marketers need to harness digital data and capitalize on the "I want to know" and "I want to buy" moment. Marketers need robust platforms to help them make these decisions to provide contextual and personalized customer experience. Organizations need to be able to collect data across all customer journey touchpoints and use that data to provide the right experiences. To deliver deeper and more meaningful connections organizations need to effectively use actionable analytics, increase speed of response and create a connected, efficient and powerful customer experience ecosystem. The need of the hour is to have the ability to promptly consume as well as retort to the ever-changing context of recent customer behaviors and interactions – dealing with the moment of truth and defining next-best-moments of relevance for one-to-one customer engagement.

Marketers need robust platforms to help them make these decisions to provide contextual and personalized customer experience.

Organizations are working with multiple marketing, data, analytics systems with several sub components to ensure smooth customer experiences. As an example, one of the common pattern seen in large-scale enterprises across myriad verticals is the usage of Adobe suite of products for marketing, campaign, experience etc.; Pega for case management, workflow & decisioning implementations, while varied other pockets of investments on paid-media manager, NLP, eCommerce, customer service, analytics, data management etc. While the “frankenstack” based approach helps in diversifying the cost & investment of the enterprise, the lack of end-to-end visibility of composable business architecture & user journey across the value chain (by toggling across tool stacks) makes the experience bitter leading to following challenges:

  • Disjointed customer experience across channels
  • Long campaign origination and design time to market
  • Create personalization and contextual experiences
  • Poor customer retention and acquisition rates
  • Align sales, marketing and services
  • Challenging measurement and attribution of marketing ROI

Adobe and Pega both bring unique capabilities in customer experience space that when put together enables a seamless, personalized, contextual customer journey from awareness to customer service. Our ADvantage™ Pega Experience Amplifier solution aims to bring together data, experience and context seamlessly to deliver individualized experiences to customer across their customer journey leveraging the best in class Adobe Marketing Cloud and Pega Customer Decision Hub – CDH (or the wider suite of Pega Infinity & strategic apps offerings). The following is a high-level Customer Journey for a Banking Scenario:

Representation of buyer journey

Fig 1. Representation of buyer journey from awareness to customer service


ADvantage™ Pega Experience Amplifier:

Our ADvantage™ Pega Experience Amplifier solution provides an end-to-end framework to build & deliver meaningful and contextual experiences for marketers across different digital touch points leading to brand marketing, prospect conversion and retention. The solution powered by Pega Infinity platform, Pega CDH (Customer Decision Hub), Adobe Experience Cloud, Adobe Experience Platform provides enterprises the ability to build data-driven experiences, AI-led conversations and deliver contextualized one-to-one customer engagement. It enables scalable digital solutions for shaping tomorrow’s customer experiences, hyper -personalization and the experiences that touches live. The key highlight of the solution is the ability to complement the various Adobe components (Analytics, Target, AEM, Campaign etc.) with the Pega Infinity Platform & Always On Brain Pega CDH to unlock the value of data & amplify the customer experience

Representation of buyer journey

Fig 2. ADvantage™ Pega Experience Amplifier working with Adobe Experience Cloud to enhance customer engagement


Enterprises embarking on developing digital marketing capabilities spend a considerable amount of time in implementing solutions and identifying the right potential of data to enable next best action, next best offer, cross sell/upsell, revenue recovery, "know your customer" driven marketing /proactive outreach. Relevant customer communication is typically crafted through content, data & process. ADvantage™ Pega Experience Amplifier can significantly reduce effort and complexity to deliver individualized customer experiences through the use cases.

Representation of buyer journey

ADvantage™ Pega Experience Amplifier brings tremendous value for organizations through real time personalization, predictive and automated marketing, next best action, cross channel orchestration throughout the customer journey. To know more click here.