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Become a SaaS Hero with Workload Automation!

Become a SaaS Hero with Workload Automation!
March 08, 2017

With Workload Automation jobs run automatically while #mobile dashboards give you a true peace of mind!

Self-Service Dashboards, is the new mobile web interface of IBM Workload Automation – offered as both SaaS application and on-premises solution – that allows you to create customized monitoring dashboards for your personal needs! (If you haven’t heard, HCL and IBM have entered into a 15-year partnership that takes the best of their shared knowledge and teaming experience to build industry-leading experience enhanced, Automation and DevOps solutions.)

So, don't waste time and let's take a closer look to it!

Workload Automation

An easy-to-use mobile web interface (but, if you like it, is available also from desktop browsers!)

From Self-Service Dashboards you can create your own monitoring services in order to analyse different Line of Business (or Workload environment subsets) that you have implemented with IBM Workload Automation and identified with a specific name convention on Jobs, Job Streams or Workstations.

mobile web interface

Each Dashboard gives you an overview of your matching workload environment situation with different views: jobs scheduled, IT infrastructure (workstations) and critical situations, plus the possibility to search and identify specific entities and... take recovery actions, wherever you are!

Workload Automation

You can act, if needed on jobs and workstations in order to do different kinds of actions: in this way, you will be able to react in a really quick and simple way if something is going wrong.

Simple and complex Dashboards

You can easily differentiate your Line of Business (or whatever you think is necessary to keep under control) by creating multiple services specifying simple or complex sets of filters for each dashboard: you can best identify what you are looking for, and with one single click take an overview picture of how things are going on!


If you specify multiple filters for a single service, the results will be merged and the filters will act with an inclusive OR statement. So, if you want to monitor, for example, two set of jobs contained in two Job Streams both together with the same dashboard, you need to add two filters, each one with the name of the Job Stream that you need to track.

Really simple, don't you think?

You need to know what is the status of your jobs that are running automatically on the Cloud? Don't worry! Connect with your mobile phone directly to Self-Service Dashboards!

Take a look to how our SaaS application heroes make sure that all goes fine with IBM Workload Automation Self-Service Dashboard!

You are so efficient too?

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