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Technology | Big Data and Analytics
Microsoft BI Solutions for Analytical Data Modeling

Mar 31, 2015

Microsoft BI Solutions for Analytical Data Modeling

Rahul Kumar - Technical Architect
Technical Architect
Breakout chit-chat Amit (BI Tech Lead): We have a large Multi-Dimensional Cube (MDM) based BI solution. With the advent of tabular models, should we convert our MDM cube to tabular analytical models?
Working of Internet of Things (IoT) Wearable Devices

Mar 03, 2015

The Internet of Things and the Principle of Great Expectations

GH Rao - President - Engineering and R&D Services (ERS)
President - Engineering and R&D Services (ERS)
RCoE - Reporting and Analytics solution

Feb 04, 2015

Report Card – From the School to the Office

Udaya Krishna - Assistiant Manager - MIS
Assistiant Manager - MIS
I don’t think any of us would ever forget our childhood days when we used to bring our report cards home from school. The joy, the fear, the excitement, the anxiety, all prevailing until the time the card was opened by Dad.
Consumer Data to be the Next Payment Method

Jan 15, 2015

Will Data be the next payment method?

Balaji RS - VP and Head Of Financial Services
I was talking at the FST Conference in Sydney last year on Next Generation Customer Experience.
We need Deep Data, not Big Data

Jan 13, 2015

We need Deep Data, not Big Data

Ravi Sankar C J - Vice President
Vice President
In an article titled, “How big data can revolutionize pharmaceutical R&D”, the McKinsey Global Institute estimates that applying big-data strateg


AI assistants

Mar 27, 2017

Can AI Assistants become the New Face of Insurance Apps

Sarath Selvaraj - Business Analyst, HCL Insurance Practice Domain
Business Analyst
One of the most important tasks organizations face is providing customer service, and insurers are no different. Imagine a situation where a customer is looking to change the beneficiary in a policy. In the existing scenario, the customer has to...
Big Data

Apr 29, 2016

Is Your Organization Reaping the Full Potential of Big Data?

Sayani Ghosh - strategy consultant on ERS
strategy consultant
As per analysts, by 2020, there will be 4300% increase in annual data generation. To analyze such enormous data to get business decision driving insights, organizations need to explore potential of big data. Read how HCL engineering services can...
The migration at work

Dec 14, 2016

The migration at work– from requirements to use case-driven data gathering

Nagaraj Sastry - AVP, Delivery Leader North America - BAS
In the Big Data environment, stakeholders and IT professionals are endeavoring to glean new approaches to traditional techniques along with consistent collaboration to effectively address the analytics arena. Learn about the use case scenario...
Cutting Through the Hype

Jun 27, 2017

Cutting Through the Hype: How Next-Gen Tech will Reshape Financial Services

Sudip Lahiri - Head - Financial Services, Europe
Head - Financial Services, Europe
The hype around a multitude of new technologies: Blockchain, open API, AI, augmented reality, and Internet of Things,is driving massive changes by bringing in a new generation of financial products and services, which are customized for the digital...

Dec 21, 2017

How CDOs Can Become Chief ‘Differentiating’ Officers for Retail Organizations

Soumyajyoti Sinha Ray - Global Engagement Manager, Digital, Retail & CPG Industries
Global Engagement Manager
Retailers need to focus on integrating digital into all aspects of the business – from channels and processes and data to the operating model, incentives, and culture. This journey to digital nirvana needs a visionary leader who can leverage...


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