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Technology | Big Data and Analytics
Technological Innovations

Nov 23, 2017

Technological Innovations: Changing Landscape of Clinical Research

Nidhi Bajpai - GROUP MANAGER
The life sciences industry is in a state of flux. Traditional clinical trial methods have made room for modern techniques that leverage technologies such as mHealth, AI, and machine learning.
Data Analytics Game

Nov 13, 2017

The Data Analytics Game: How to Predict Fraudulent Claims in the Insurance Industry Using Machine Learning?

Rajkumar Ramanathen - Business Analyst
Business Analyst
How can we use machine learning in the insurance industry? Machine Learning could change the dynamics of the insurance industry sector. As an essential tool for insurers, it could help in improving underwriting, pricing policies and detecting fraud.
Data Analysis

Nov 08, 2017

The power of data and analytics

Venkatakrishnan Ramachandran - DEPUTY GENERAL MANAGER
Data on a customer’s financial well-being, purchase behaviour, family status etc. that’s such a powerful source is not still put to its fullest use by many of the financial services giants.

Oct 24, 2017

Never suffer a pitfall, select the right execution framework

Puneet Sachdeva - Technical Architect
Technical Architect
Decision paralysis in terms of “what to do with the data?” is a major reason for the lack of experimentation in with data initiatives. It is like sitting and waiting on the side lines, while your competition is making the most of it. A bigger...

Oct 03, 2017

Artificial Intelligence: Providing new muscle to marketing

Paresh Vankar - Global Head of Marketing - Financial Services
Global Head Of Marketing
The idea that machine intelligence can automate marketing functions isn’t new. What has changed is the manner in which AI and other “intelligent” robots are being deployed by marketers. Machine intelligence is complementing business intelligence in...
Mobile first

Sep 18, 2017

Mobile first to AI first : The New Approach

Santosh Kumar - Senior sales director & Head – Fintech Innovation
Head – Fintech innovation
In last couple of years, there had been a huge push for digital across financial services. Banks needed to re-imagine their products and services keeping customers at the centre of design, i.e. adopting a customer centric approach to design and...
Streamlining Transition

Aug 25, 2017

Streamlining Transition: How agile frameworks can enhance core system transformation

Nick Sarkisian - Associate Vice President, Digital & Analytics, Business Analytics services
Associate Vice President, Digital & Analytics, Business Analytics services
Today, property and casualty insurers are struggling with significant market headwinds. Firms must manage several complex scenarios, such as new and existing regulations and increasing operating cost ratios. Additionally, they must also look at...

Aug 21, 2017

Digitization of Healthcare – Beyond apps to IoT/AI/Big Data

Pavan GVS - Senior Management Trainee
Senior Management Trainee
The Blog talks about emerging technologies enabling various stakeholders to improve value to the customer, how Digitization in Healthcare could contribute in saving many lives and betterment of lifestyle. It also talks about the potential threat of...
Quantum Computing

Aug 09, 2017

Bringing future of Quantum Computing real with Quantum Computers

Ateesh Sharma - Associate Consultant
Associate Consultant
Classical computers are extraordinarily powerful and will continue to advance and support everything we do in business and society. But there are many problems that will never be penetrated by a classical computer. To create knowledge from much...


Artificial Intelligence

Mar 19, 2018

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare - Potential use cases

Tanveer Singh - Associate Manager – Healthcare Business Solutions Group
Associate Manager
The greatest change AI will bring in healthcare is enabling clinicians to make sense of the mind-boggling amount of patient data being generated every day. Establishing concrete patterns between diverse data points will empower doctors to make...
Microsoft BI Solutions for Analytical Data Modeling

Mar 31, 2015

Microsoft BI Solutions for Analytical Data Modeling

Rahul Kumar - Technical Architect
Technical Architect
Breakout chit-chat Amit (BI Tech Lead): We have a large Multi-Dimensional Cube (MDM) based BI solution. With the advent of tabular models, should we convert our MDM cube to tabular analytical models?
Working of Internet of Things (IoT) Wearable Devices

Mar 03, 2015

The Internet of Things and the Principle of Great Expectations

GH Rao - President - Engineering and R&D Services (ERS)
President - Engineering and R&D Services (ERS)
Data driven decision making in the banking industry

Nov 28, 2017

Data driven decision making in the banking industry

Ruben Rajesh Alphonse Sundar - Associate Business Manager
Associate Business Manager
In today’s banking landscape, business is driven by data. Data provides valuable insights for businesses to focus on key areas that need valuable resources such as people and money. 
PolyBase: A Superior Alternative to Hadoop

Jul 18, 2014

PolyBase: A Superior Alternative to process and query data of Hadoop

Prathameshwar Pratap Singh - Technical Manager
Technical Manager
Polybase is a technology that is designed to query data from Hadoop Distributed File System. It works by integrating SQL Server Parallel Data Warehouse and supports SQL queries to read and write data from HDFS.
Internet of Things with an Eye

Feb 09, 2016

Internet of Things with an Eye

Harsha Vachher - Senior Technical Lead
Senior Technical Lead
To be “smart everywhere” we need to have “eyes everywhere”
Data Sciences

May 25, 2017

Transforming Clinical Trials with advanced Data Sciences

Sunil Agarwal - Head, R&D Consulting
Head, R&D Consulting
Lack of data visibility is consistently blocking the upswing in customer trust. Find out, why we believe pharma can deploy Data Science ‘as-a-Service’ to push retention rates for clinical trials.

Apr 12, 2018

The 3R Framework: A Business First, Technology Second Approach to Digitization Part 4: ReEngineer the Value Chain

Amitava Sengupta - Practice Head, CS & LSH
Practice Head, CS & LSH
Enterprises now have access to cutting-edge tools and technologies that can help them execute this approach effectively and have complete clarity on their own operations. Key technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning,...
Cutting Through the Hype

Jun 27, 2017

Cutting Through the Hype: How Next-Gen Tech will Reshape Financial Services

Sudip Lahiri - Head - Financial Services, Europe
Head - Financial Services, Europe
The hype around a multitude of new technologies: Blockchain, open API, AI, augmented reality, and Internet of Things,is driving massive changes by bringing in a new generation of financial products and services, which are customized for the digital...


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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential.

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