COVID-19: A New Normal | HCL Blogs

Jul 15, 2020

Digital Diffidence Will Make You Extinct



You are “digital-diffident’ when there is a serious hesitation and conservative outlook towards digitalization while looking for guarenteed success. We may have noticed that the speed of digitalization has accelerated since the start of the…
One of the prominent challenges that IT admins face is to keep systems always patched against identified and emerging vulnerabilities. Before COVID-19, organizations had some sort of mechanism in place to test a patch before it is released or apply…

Jul 13, 2020

7 Ways to Stay Sane and Feel Connected While Working Remotely


Dr Amelia Mosquera-Pardo, Change and Adoption Lead Consultant

Amelia Mosquera-Pardo, HCL's Change and Adoption expert, shares key insights into how you can stay on top of your well-being while working from home
Organizations that have been focused on resolving just the incidents will now have to switch to a culture of continuous process improvement. Incident management as we see is largely a functionally oriented structure. Specialized resource groups (…

Jul 09, 2020

Beyond COVID-19 – Reshaping Retail Banking


Anindya Roy, SVP & Head- Financial Services, UK&I

Retail banks have weathered the storm of the Covid-19 relatively well. However, the banking landscape, as the crisis abates, is likely to change dramatically over the coming months and years. The future of banks will be driven by their ability to…

Jul 08, 2020

Technology Outlook in CPG Domain during COVID-19


Kapil Tiwari, General Manager – Product Management Lead–Hybrid Cloud Business Unit

Corona virus or CVOID-19 is going to be one of the deadliest disasters in the 21st century which has affected health of millions of people, ways of work and life and brought the economic calamity across the globe. This pandemic has impacted the…

Jul 07, 2020

Empowering your commitment to workforce during COVID-19: An HR Perspective


Anandita Chauhan, Vice President & Head of HR, Digital Process Operations

The COVID-19 pandemic has rapidly become the largest crisis of the current generation, second perhaps only to climate change. Spread across 174 nations, the pandemic has led to world-changing consequences, disrupting every aspect of our lives,…

Jul 07, 2020

Scrumming Around Customer Experience? Time to Transform


Veera Karthik Gonagundla, Deputy Manager, Digital & Analytics

Customers define our markets, shapeshift trends, and turn a flipside to business performance and competition. Irrespective of well-defined strategies, major players have witnessed severe downsides for one main reason—blotched customer experience.…

Jul 06, 2020

Digital Customer Engagement in the Era of Social Distancing


Mustafa Sabuwala, Principal – Financial Services, APAC

Social distancing norms offers a remarkable opportunity for financial institutions to bolster their digital engagement journeys for products and services that have traditionally been exchanged via face-to-face interaction at the branches. There are…