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Delivering a Consistent Omnichannel Customer Experience with a Next-Gen Digital Platform

Delivering a Consistent Omnichannel Customer Experience with a Next-Gen Digital Platform
May 29, 2017

Digitalization has ushered in a renewed focus on the customer and elevated the importance of maximizing conversation at every touch point. To succeed, businesses must transform more than just how to serve customers. Streamlining business operations has become critical – engaging the customer in an integrated conversation, with the same top-notch experience and intelligent interaction across channels.

State-of-the-art customer platforms address business challenges effectively. Harnessing the power of digital insights, they help revolutionize customer engagement, manage the complexities of business processes, and anticipate the needs of customers.

State-of-the-art customer platforms address business challenges effectively.

Engineering unique customer experiences

Organizations looking to engage, delight, and satisfy their customers and drive efficiencies in their business are increasingly turning to HCL for assistance. With innovative and specialized capabilities in critical areas such as customer service, big data analytics, real-time decisioning, and user experience, combined with unsurpassed industry knowledge and delivery capabilities in customer data analysis, customer care, pipeline management, and customer decisioning, HCL is uniquely positioned to help firms serve the demanding customer, embracing digital as catalysts for change.

HCL’s cutting edge Digital Customer platform is geared to unify the entire customer journey through a single composite interface, enabling smooth personalized conversations across mobiles, tablets, laptops and other digital touch points.

As a use-case scenario, HCL’s Digital Customer Platform can be pivotal for banks in transforming customer experience. By engineering a robust “nerve center” that acts as an integrated customer service hub, HCL’s Digital Customer Platform can transform business operations within the bank through effective case management, digital document management, automation, robotic process automation, and Ops. Other key elements of the platform include enabling Event processing, Decisioning for enabling one-to-one Next Best Conversations with customers and facilitating agility and collaboration through API/Microservices architecture. HCL’s platform capabilities ensure an omni-channel user experience across all form factors and new channels such as conversational commerce.

HCL – the leading integrator for Pega systems implementation

HCL’s Digital Customer Platform is a proven approach and development accelerator that combines the right technologies and proven practices such as experience design and design thinking for successful Pega systems implementation – reducing operational costs, improving process efficiency, and ensuring unified and personalized customer journeys through an optimized user interface.

This design-led framework comprises of five layers built on top of Pega –

  • Customer Profile layer
  • Customer Interaction layer
  • Customer Engagement layer
  • Customer Fulfillment layer
  • Customer Relationship layer

HCL’s expertise with Pega technology can help businesses achieve the results they need from their Pega implementation – more quickly, reliably, and cost effectively, and with less risk.

With a significant specialization in UX/UI design and real-time decisioning, HCL’s Digital Customer Platform can enhance the value of every customer interaction.

HCL – a proud gold sponsor at PegaWorld 2017

HCL and Pega Systems have been partnering in pursuit of delivering market leading solutions, with a goal to significantly transform the customer service and operations domain of a client’s IT landscape and drive unique business value.

Make plans now to join HCL at PegaWorld 2017 in Las Vegas from June 4-7th. As a Gold level sponsor and a global leader in Pega implementations, HCL’s focus is how to get the most out of your Pega implementation. Visit us at booth # 15 in the Tech Pavilion at PegaWorld and attend insightful sessions to learn how HCL leverages leading IT skills, industry knowledge, and design thinking to lead and deliver integrated CRM solutions using Pega. Watch live demos, meet with our experts, and learn how we can partner with you on your digital journey.