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Satish Varadarajan

Digital Marketing: Exploring the Fundamentals of Next-gen Marketing
Satish Varadarajan Senior Technical Specialist | April 24, 2017

The large scale in-flux of mobile data has made digital marketing pivotal to end-user engagement. In fact, it will soon emerge as the most effective medium for intelligent and value driven marketing campaigns.

The digital marketing model is architected on two core factors—

  • Reach: Digital marketing enables maximum possible reach at minimum costs
  • Availability: Digital marketing provides the cushion factor for end users, enabling them to study the available options online and action a purchase at a convenient time across multiple touch-points.

Closed Chain Nodes of Marketing

Closed Chain Nodes

  • Market research study
  • Build innovation in marketing mode
  • Reacting to customer’s feedback, conducting audit

The nodes demonstrated above together form the closed chain of marketing models.

Market Research Study

Problem solution, Cost, and Time – these are the crucial research areas to focus on. They act as the hour, minute, and second hand of the digital marketing clock — driving consistent enterprise success.  A continuous and detailed exploration of these core areas is the need of the hour.

Customer loyalty demands close attention to their needs & an ability to solve their problems effectively.

Analytics can be effectively leveraged to solve use case problems, manage data, and thereby arrive at the best possible solution.

Nowadays, customers demand much more than mere problem solving. They expect a cost-optimized solution to their problems, without a compromise on timeline and quality. This indirectly drives the focus on what the competitors are doing and how the brands can gain an innovation edge to stay ahead of the curve.

Build Innovation in Marketing Mode

Digital marketing modes – social media, email, online.

Social media marketing is pushing the boundaries and reaching customers at a frenetic pace. Having said that, it also poses a significant threat in terms of negative campaigning.

More than a marketing mode, email could be utilized as a communications tool to maintain amicable relations with the existing customer.

When it comes to online marketing, “content is king”. There should be a revitalized focus on the home page content. The first impression has to make a mark.

Innovation is the differentiating factor in all these modes of marketing.

Reacting to Customer’s feedback, Conducting Audit

Good communication works both ways. It cannot be a one-way process.

Exercising patience and establishing the communication path for collecting feedback is essential.

A periodic audit provides data on the pain points and helps carve out a progress path. The audit results are a major source of input while performing the market research study.

HCL’s Offerings in Digital Marketing

HCL has positioned itself as a contributor in this space and enabled a positive transformation.

The three key portfolios of HCL’s value proposition include:

  • Digital Value Chain Transformation (DVCT)
  • Digital Media Services
  • Digital Marketing, Analytics and Experience Services (DMAX)

The contribution of DVCT and Digital Media Services fits into the “Market Research Study” node discussed above. DVCT addresses the cost and time to market requirements by providing an array of robust automation tools.

The contribution of DMAX fits into the “Build Innovation in marketing mode” and “Reacting to Customer’s feedback, Conducting Audit” nodes. DMAX provides the required platform, analytics tools, customer relationship management, and postproduction support and maintenance. Additionally, DMAX boosts customer loyalty, provides e-commerce integrations, and devises context strategies. DMAX can play a key role in Proximity Based Digital Marketing, thanks to its framework of analytics tools and context strategies.