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Dive into hyper automation in your HCLTech career

One of the many areas that the HCLTech team explores daily is hyper automation. It is interesting to know how employees get to learn more about an enterprise-level strategic initiative.
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HCLTech Campus Hiring


HCLTech Campus Hiring
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Delivering HCLTech solutions and services worldwide keeps our employees at the forefront of technology and creativity. One of the many areas that the HCLTech team explores on a daily basis is hyper automation.

The term was coined in 2019 by research and advisory firm Gartner, who defines hyper automation as a “business-driven, disciplined approach that organizations use to rapidly identify, vet and automate as many business and IT processes as possible.” At HCLTech, we use hyper automation to refer to scaling automation across an organization using frameworks and technologies – in other words, automating automation.

In basic terms, hyper automation orchestrates multiple tools and platforms to support business processes that complement human tasks. Robotic process automation (RPA) uses “software robots” to automate high-volume, repetitive, rule-based workflows and processes. RPA along with machine learning (ML) and AI are some of the technologies HCLTech employees might work with on hyper automation projects for our clients.

What’s it like to work in hyper automation at HCLTech?

As part of a hyper automation team at HCLTech, you can expect to learn more about all aspects of an enterprise-level strategic initiative, including:

  1. Identifying what work and processes to automate
  2. Choosing and testing automation tools
  3. Driving agility through reuse of automated processes
  4. Extending capabilities using various technologies like AI and ML

Hyper automation initiatives are often coordinated through a Center of Excellence (CoE) to enrich automation efforts. To pursue hyper automation goals for clients, our technical teams use many tools, including natural language processing, optical character recognition, machine vision and virtual agents (chatbots). It’s safe to say that the sky’s the limit when it comes to what you might encounter in a hyper automation initiative at HCLTech.

Employees explore hyper automation projects at HCLTech

Hyper automation helps our customers compete through better productivity. This technology can be used to reduce manual, resource-intensive tasks while opening new opportunities for customer satisfaction.

For example, hyper automation offers transformative potential for lending solutions, and many top insurance and banking enterprise brands have already made serious investments. When applied strategically, hyper automation transforms tedious but essential actions like data entry in policy, loan, and credit applications.

Automation can also make audit, compliance, and fraud detection processes more manageable. These are areas that carry great importance for enterprises everywhere, and our employees find it stimulating to be involved at the hands-on level.

In fact, one of the things that excites us most about hyper automation is that it takes the work one step beyond basic automation. It offloads even more of the tedious daily routine – work that is completed more efficiently and accurately by AI, ML and RPA.

Hyper automation also fits well with other desirable, tech-enabled capabilities our clients want, like more targeted, responsive user experiences (UX) and customer experiences (CX). Long-term careers can be built on providing these capabilities to enterprises.

Real-world example: hyper automation in action

We have many examples of RPA, AI and ML (RPA/AIML) in action at HCLTech. In one case, RPA/AIML services used bots to drive accurate, scalable operational throughput. We implemented a hyper-automated service platform to literally transform how work was completed for our customer. The new models improved all stages of loan processing for this customer, taking the entire SBA loan application process from weeks to hours.

Unfortunately, many businesses find this type of transformational change intimidating or are trapped by inertia into doing business the same old way. To acquire skills and vision to initiate change is often intimidating for many.

In a career at HCLTech, you could find yourself helping customers overcome the challenge of agile transformation. Every day, our professionals work with tools such as computer vision, document readers, OCR engines and auto-decision making. These tcan be integrated under hyper-automated business solutions to deliver accuracy and productivity in our customers’ enterprise organizations.

Build your tech career with teams of innovators and engineering experts



When you join HCLTech, you become part of a team of innovators and engineering experts.



When you join HCLTech, you become part of a team of innovators and engineering experts. You’ll come along as we help customers remove barriers and explore new territory, like hyper automation and RPA/AIML.

Our engineering expertise has helped clients bring hundreds of products to market successfully. We understand that great engineering is all about phenomenal product experiences, and we choose our solutions and people appropriately.

As Forbes magazine said, “Hyper automation adoption is a long-term process of creating change — operational as well as cultural — to empower your team to be more productive and creative.” At HCLTech, we recognize that engineering transformation is an ongoing journey where speed and talent are key.

Taking hyper automation and tech careers to the next level

Our engineering teams and technologies accelerate time-to-market and product monetization for global enterprises by leveraging tools like hyper automation and RPA. That’s important for you to know because if you’re considering launching your career with HCLTech, you need to be prepared for next-level learning and growth.

HCLTech encourages young professionals to keep abreast of the latest technologies for sustainable careers over the long term. Product engineering, digital engineering and operational technologies are some of the HCLTech areas where you can expect hands-on exposure to many emerging technologies.

to see what opportunities await.

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