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Driving agility & rapid deployments with HCL SAPStudio for Google Cloud
August 26, 2020

The new normal has brought the technology strategy and investments of many enterprises under sharp focus. In order to be successful in the post-COVID world, enterprises need to reduce cost, unlock funding for driving greater technology adoption and innovation, while navigating new ways of doing business. This is especially challenging for enterprises reliant on legacy infrastructure and heavy enterprise application landscapes such as SAP.

Enterprises know that a traditional data center environment cannot offer them the agility and speed needed to optimize and plan for a more agile and scalable future. When it comes to fulfilling the need for powerful computing capabilities, scalability, elasticity or zero hardware-lifecycle management, cloud is one of the most adopted solutions by technology leaders.

SAP on Google Cloud

SAP is at the center of business-critical functions for an enterprise—it is also one of the most capital-intensive. SAP workloads require high specification computing and dynamic auto scaling to meet business needs and high availability. In the current market environment, businesses across industries including SAP intensive ones such as manufacturing, consumer products, retail, and distribution are reliant more than ever on their SAP systems. For example, supply chain systems are encountering scalability and concurrency constraints while dealing with disrupted processes impacting business agility and decision making. Enterprises are looking for cost reduction opportunities for non-production workloads such as disaster recovery, test, and development by moving to a pay-per-use model for SAP workloads. Enterprises globally are looking to migrate SAP workloads running on premise to the cloud to enable this.

HCLTech SAPStudio for Google Cloud enables rapid delivery of SAP platform by templatizing 50+ use case for SAP implementation thereby offering the flexibility to deploy SAP software with custom installation leading to reduced provisioning times.

Moving SAP applications to Google cloud can deliver the required flexibility and scalability by an enterprise. Google Cloud helps provide a secure infrastructure with high availability, disaster recovery, and low latency network. Its live migration feature for SAP workloads helps eliminate downtime due to any hardware maintenance or failure.

HCLTech’s Perspective

In the journey to modernize the enterprise’s core system, our clients seek SAP migration to public cloud, especially for mission-critical workloads such as SAP production databases. Traditional approaches such as custom scripts, native database replication, and recovering from backups suffer from challenges such as large bandwidth requirements, extended application downtime, or insufficient coverage for certain databases. None of these approaches provide the ability to provision multiple SAP infrastructure instantly in the cloud, which is extremely important because it enables multiple iterative testing phases before moving production to the cloud.

Customers are looking for a solution to provision their end-to-end SAP implementation within hours. There is a need for organizations to test and approve running these critical workloads on cloud. They want the ability to spin up clones of production  on-premise SAP environments for test and development purposes.

HCLTech SAPStudio for Google Cloud: Accelerate your SAP on Cloud Transformation Journey

HCLTech SAPStudio for Google Cloud is a ready-to-deploy IP based on HCLTech’s vast experience in assisting organizations to execute their SAP digital transformation journey. HCLTech delivers this through a templatized approach backed by a dedicated team of Google Cloud and SAP certified architects.


SAPStudio for Google Cloud enables rapid delivery of SAP cloud platform by templatizing 50+ use cases for SAP implementation. Thereby, helping them drive real business outcomes. It offers the flexibility to deploy SAP software with custom installation leading to reduced provisioning times.

HCLTech SAP-Studio helps organizations to:

  • Gain instant access to SAP infrastructure on Google cloud
  • Efficient, fast validation of pre-requisite SAP cloud platform
  • Greenfield SAP environment readiness on Google cloud for development/test
  • Pre-migration SAP cloud platform readiness
  • Integrated data security for SAP implementation
  • Integrated tools for users to continue to get backup, disaster recovery, and long term data retention on GCP


The business benefits of HCLTech SAPStudio for Google Cloud for an enterprise include:

  • Achieve faster time to value with on-demand infrastructure.
  • Accelerate infrastructure provision for SAP S/4HANA
  • Cost optimization: Pay for only what you need
  • Reduce wait time for research and development: Test and evaluate SAP S/4HANA features in Dev/Test with instantly available infrastructure.

To schedule a free consultation or a SAPStudio demo session, please write to us at HCLGoogleBU@hcl.com

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