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Jan 22, 2020

Life,Death and CloudComputing

Jasbir Singh Dhaliwal Global Program Manager

Blog is an interesting take on cloud computing fundamentals and how these fundamentals mimic human life and life philosophies. Cloud technology (as we all know) is major technological disruption in the field of computing - democratizing the compute...
Being digital is no longer a luxury, its basic need of the hour. As more and more organizations become digital, large volume of data gets generated from customers, operations, manufacturing, supply chain etc. Monetizing these data is an absolute...

Jul 03, 2019

The role of AR in Shaping the Future of Life Sciences

Anil Tickoo Associate Vice President, Life Sciences and Healthcare

Life sciences industry is looking for compelling use cases where AR can transform patient/customer engagement, make treatment delivery easier for healthcare professionals, and aid advanced research in pharmaceuticals. With its ability to accurately...
According to HBR, Retail is one of top 5 industries to be most affected by digital transformation. The usual suspects IoT, AI and analytics are being implemented at large scale across the biggest retail players with Amazon leading the way and...
The blog focuses on the challenges associated with switching CSPs(Communication Service Providers) who provide mobile network based Internet access technologies and the solution to overcome the same.  Ability to switch CSPs is a key requirement...

May 07, 2018

Web Based Enterprise Management

Sachin Sharma Technical Manager

WBEM being  a Set of Management and Internet Standard technologies unlike its predecessor which are protocols. It helps WBEM to be more protractible and hence simplify and promote the development of non-aligned platforms, tools, changeable...
User Research

Feb 26, 2018

User Researches within Budget

Saravanan N C Technical Lead

User research data provides valuable information about the potential users, their needs, behavior, and pain points.The blog demonstrates the importance of user research and breaks the myth of user research being expensive for projects. The blog...

Feb 08, 2018

How AI Makes Our Life Easy Through Chatbots

Anupa Krishnan Senior Technical Lead

The AI inside a chatbot is machine learning and it is known as Natural Language Processing (NLP). NLP has the proficiency to understand a conversation and thus mimic like a human conversation. An AI agent inside a Chatbot achieves the goal through a...
Lambda Expression
Lambda expressions or Lambdas are, typically, a simpler way to pass function (behaviour) as an argument to another method or constructor. It is also called as Function Pointers or Function References.Lambdas were introduced in Java 8 and it was the...
Engineering Support Services in the Era of Digital Transformation
Technology is growing at an exponential pace. The rapid emergence and maturation of technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), internet of things (IoT), and Industry 4.0 are fundamentally changing how traditional industries operate. As the...
Right Sensors for Object Tracking
Internet of things have gained much momentum and it’s time to take a back step to explore components which makes it throb, the sensors. Choosing right sensor among many will make a difference.
Revitalizing the Retail Landscape

Nov 17, 2017

Voice Activated Shopping

Ajai Kumar Vice President

Manufacturing organizations can incorporate new features in the smart devices, through embedded engineering, to drive customer satisfaction. It enables the development of new products and provide discrete embedded systems for existing ones.As...
Vulnerability Assessment in NFV
The concept of virtualizing the network equipment is picking up fast. Popularly known as Network Function Virtualization (NFV), this concept aims to virtualize network functions by running them as software on standard server grade hardware and do...
The new paradigm of health care – Proactive and Preventive health care is the new paradigm. The proliferation of consumer devices - smartphones, smartwatches, fit bits, handheld devices are changing the health care industry. One of the significant...
Digital Twin
Digital Twin is a very important concept for the manufacturing sector, which is being swept by a digitalization wave. Digital twin technology leverages big data analytics to empower the manufacture in meeting their performance KPIs in the VUCA world...
AI applications
Adoption of AI is becoming a common phenomenon across the industry. Companies are in different stages of AI maturity and depending on the level of adoption they are seeing varying levels of impact. While there is lot of excitement in the rapid...
When someone thinks of the word ‘Blockchain’, the first thing that comes to their mind is “Bitcoin” or “Cryptocurrency”. No doubt, it was bitcoin’s success which brought Blockchain technology into the limelight. But Blockchain is the under-the-hood...
Today, organizations around the globe are making efforts to make their products and services accessible to people with special needs. Engineers must ensure they create products and services that are accessible to people with disabilities.
Anchal Sardana

Containers and Virtual Machines – Essential to 5G
Anchal Sardana - Associate General Manager | February 17, 2021

To reap benefit of 5G, networks need to be more flexible and agile and containers are the key as they will provide improved efficiency as well as reduced cost. However, every operator will evolve at its own pace and will have its own cloud transformation journey – some might have only containers, some only virtual machines and some having hybrid environment comprising of both containers and virtual machines. The optimal deployment which most operators prefer is movement towards hybrid cloud approach i.e having both containers and virtual machines. There are many challenges associated with hybrid cloud environment like – hybrid Infrastructure deployment, hybrid infrastructure and application management and end to end automation of virtualized and containerized workloads. HCLs BluGenie Solution can help operator to overcome these challenges of hybrid cloud environment

Giacomo Capodiferro

5G Revolution is beyond the corner: will Open RAN help in making it real?
Giacomo Capodiferro - Solution Architect | February 17, 2021

Imagine a world where you can have a 3D full immersion conference call with your colleagues wherever they may physically be in the world…Imagine a world where you can easily live stream on Instagram, a goal scored by your favourite player during the final of European Champions League from the stadium….Imagine a world where drones deliver directly at home what you have purchased on eShops….Imagine a world where you can relax while your autonomous car is driving safely and takes you home during rush hour…Imagine a world where your doctor is remotely assisting you during transportation to the hospital…Is that world coming in a far future? No, it is not far future, it is tomorrow, when 5G is deployed!

The 5G revolution is coming and will require a huge investment from Telecom Service Providers. Click on the blog title to continue reading

Jayachandran Kizhakootramachandran

UnBox.ai, Art of testing AI applications
Jayachandran Kizhakootramachandran - Associate Vice President | December 17, 2020

Adoption of AI is becoming a common phenomenon across the industry. Companies are in different stages of AI maturity and depending on the level of adoption they are seeing varying levels of impact. While there is lot of excitement in the rapid adoption of AI, many companies may be oblivious of some of the inherent risks regarding AI models. Stakeholders are increasingly consuming insights from AI applications (less critical to mission critical) for decision making and it can have larger implications, unless it is managed well. History is privy to instances when things have gone wrong and the 2008 financial crisis is a case in point.