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Engineering Support Services in the Era of Digital Transformation

Engineering Support Services in the Era of Digital Transformation
July 06, 2020

Technology is growing at an exponential pace. The rapid emergence and maturation of technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), internet of things (IoT), and Industry 4.0 are fundamentally changing how traditional industries operate. As the focus of modern engineering becomes more digital, businesses require services that can reimagine the value chain and accelerate new business models. For digital leaders in the engineering industries, the need to adapt is critical if they wish to remain competitive and drive growth.

The rapid application and evolution of digital technologies has enabled organizational siloes to merge and create ecosystems essential for transformation success.

The Onus of Engineering Support Services in the Digital Transformation Landscape

Digital technologies have reached a point of synergetic convergence. Varied innovations such as blockchain, IoT, RPA, AI, and 3D-printing are being deployed together as a part of Industry 4.0. And while most manufacturing companies are well versed with mechanical and embedded engineering technologies, they often face challenges on the side of software-led transformation.

Thankfully, engineering support services have come a long way over the years. Its role has become strategically critical as manufacturer’s have entered the digital age on a global scale. International trade and globalization has also led to many competitors arising in this segment in a relatively short period of time. However, most of these companies lack a historic base in the core sectors or have a comprehensive framework that can adapt to a growing enterprise.

HCLTech Digital Process Operations and Engineering Support Services

This is where leads the pack, with a penchant for innovation, sharp focus, knowledge base, tech expertise, and execution capabilities. And with a 27% growth in the engineering services landscape in 2018, HCLTech has also stood out as a pivotal strategic partner for digital transformation among global service providers. HCLTech has an established history in the engineering services space, offering their partners the depth and breadth of collective experience.

HCLTech Digital Process Operations (DPO) has a global presence across 45 countries and offers its products and services through three business units: Engineering and R&D Services, IT and Business Services (ITBS), and Products and Platforms (P&P). But HCLTech’s expertise across all units is further emboldened by its experience working at the intersection of digital transformation and the engineering industry.

HCLTech offers its customers a deep expertise in mechanical, embedded, and semi-conductor software product engineering, and product lifecycle, making it of the leading global engineering service providers. With its vast array of talent and service capabilities specialized for the engineering space, it has been able to differentiate itself from the herd due to its three pillar approach towards engineering support services:

  1. Vision: Change comes from within. DPO has transformed itself into a unit capable of supporting cutting-edge engineering and digital technologies across all three spectrums – operational, tactical and strategic. This enabled the company to execute challenging end-to-end transformational programs for both new and existing clients.
  2. Expertise: DPO’s engineering support team has built a rock-solid capability in Robotic Process Automation, Smart Analytics and Artificial Intelligence, enabling clients to optimize, renovate or transform ensuring that it enjoys a competitive advantage when maximizing client outcomes.
  3. Collaboration: Breaking away from traditional, siloed ways of working, DPO’s engineering support team actively collaborates with HCLTech’s award-winning Engineering R&D Services team for strategy formulation, capability enhancement and client engagements. This experience enables HCLTech to leverage cross-industry best practices that allow it to better serve engineering clients in all their ambitions and aspirations.

Driving Engineering Services in the Digital Era

The rapid application and evolution of digital technologies has enabled organizational siloes to merge and create ecosystems essential for transformation success. But in the face of such rapid changes, the way forward is best made with partners, not alone. The important challenge for the engineering industry is determining the steps they can take to drive their engineering services for the digital era.

HCLTech DPO has shown the way by successfully transforming its engineering support services team to stay ahead of the changes in the industry and offer its customers value beyond the contract.

For enterprises that are looking to pave the way for an enterprise-wide digital transformation, read an exclusive PoV by HFS Research to know the key action points to consider when you seek out engineering support services partners.

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