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Experience Cloud Like On Premise Solution with HCL U4X - Powered By Dell Technologies

Experience Cloud Like On Premise Solution with HCL U4X - Powered By Dell Technologies
October 15, 2020

Evolution has two key tenets. Everything initially starts as captive and bespoke but ultimately evolves into a pay-as-you-use model. Innovation and disruption keeps improving everything they touch. Look around and everything narrates this same story in one form or another.

Some changes are more subtle than others. Technology adoption and evolution is one such area where customer choices have profound impact. Cloud evolution, in particular, has been changing our lives longer than we realize. It has been following these two principles of evolution and continues to make technology adoption better and allow us the flexibility to pay as we consume. This, coupled with democratization of innovation, makes the whole package extremely powerful and incredible. This trend is almost a godsend. Well, almost.

U4X: Futuristic solutions meet skilled services powered by DELL & HCLTech

In real life, however, we have myriad situations to still have a captive setup, on premises, in our offices, near where we work from, which is secure, always available and accessible, and at low/no latency.

This is usually where our ‘never give up’ attitude kicks in our quest for ‘what if’ to find answers to ‘why not’. Datacenter technology solutions providers such as Dell Technologies and HCLTech have been on a similar journey.

HCLTech’s Utility for Everything (U4X), powered by Dell Technologies, is the outcome of one of such quest. U4X combines the modern, cutting-edge, and futuristic technology solutions of Dell Technologies with HCLTech’s innovations and highly skilled service delivery capabilities, both of which are backed by their mutual financial ingenuity. U4X offers future-ready hybrid cloud solutions, based on Dell Technologies’ portfolio of server, storage, backup, hyper-converged, and virtualized products to run traditional as well as modern workloads being installed, configured, integrated, migrated on day zero and day one and run by HCLTech on day two. All these are available to customers across the world in their own data center, just like the good old days, in a true cloud-like consumption model where they pay as they use, can scale up, scale down, and opt out with incredible flexibility.

Over the last few years, this hybrid cloud solution model has undergone intensive testing in several markets and has been very well received across APJ, EMEA, and Americas by Fortune 500 customers in the oil and gas, retail, pharma, technology, engineering, and manufacturing industries. Many of these customers continued to expand their footprint together with HCLTech and Dell Technologies on U4X both by bringing in newer workloads and expanding existing workloads.

Experience Cloud Like On Premise Solution with U4X - Powered By HCLTech & Dell Technologies

If this progress makes you think that cloud evolution has reached its pinnacle on this front, we would like to assure you that this is not the case. Both HCLTech and Dell Technologies are committed and continuously engaged to make this datacenter technology offering more innovative, futuristic, cutting edge, open, and of value to the customers.

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