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Digital Payments

Nov 22, 2018

Succeeding in a World of BOTs


IT services, which has so far thrived significantly on cost arbitrage, will be one of the most impacted as clients discover that they can derive significant value by applying RPA to the more repetitive tasks. This is both, a threat and an...
Why a business need modernization of legacy systems? How to approach modernization to create value? Modernization programs are necessary for business initiatives through digital transformation. Newer technologies Containerization, Analytics, Robotic...

Nov 20, 2018

How the Future of Banking Will Look Like

Vikas Bansal Regional Sales Director

The current prevalence of digital banking is largely focused on the Customer Acquisition and Customer Experience domains. In future, this will evolve to a more holistic ‘financial wellbeing’ focus with banks potentially becoming utility players...
Open Innovation
A new generation of users is fast emerging; a customer demographic that is pushing financial services industry to change itself exponentially at a pace never experienced before. Meet the Gen Z, the first time bankers/users who are now joining the...
Automation – Initially the thought process started in the Insurance Industry to explore the desirable reduction in OPEX (Operational Expenses). The Key Business processes got determined and had undergone the Automation technique.  Some of them...
Digital Payment

Nov 20, 2018

Millennial and Lending Solutions

Premprakash Soosairaj Senior Management Trainee

With a strong 2.3 billion population worldwide, millennials are the largest generations and yet, with 2.45 trillion dollars of combined annual buying power globally, they are as powerful as their counterparts’ boomers and Gen-X.  With this...
Marketing Automation
What is it like to market technology solutions to the largest financial institutions in the world? Paresh Vankar was recently interviewed by the Ziff Davis Publications, US. In a wide ranging, two-art interview, he spoke on his favourite books,...
Financial Services
Technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, IoT, robotics, blockchain, cloud, open environments, fintech and shared environments are helping financial services providers along the path to the ‘Money Made Simple’ future.
Below are the top 10 trends to keep an eye on, that will uphold the FinTech for next few years.
Intraday Liquidity beyond Compliance
Regulatory focus on liquidity has started to move from Capital Ratio and EOD funding positions to very detailed monitoring of financial institutions’ Intraday Liquidity activities.
While machine learning empowers divisions and businesses to be proactive and relieve dangers, it doesn't imply that a human component isn't required. Basically, we need robots and humans to work together to perfectly deploy RPA with AI which is...
The future of Digital Banking and Lending
Banks must combine digital advancement with human contact to enhance customer experience. Legacy applications need to be replaced by modern solutions like robo-advisors. The end goal is to increase trust and customer satisfaction
Automated Legal Trawl Platform

Jul 21, 2020

Automated Legal Trawl Platform - A Crucible for Digital Platform Innovation

Chinmaya Mishra Senior Technical Specialist, Digital & Analytics

IT innovators at Southeast Asian banks have steadily invested in digital platforms over the past decade or so. However, they grapple to embrace business approaches that can maximize the value of the ecosystem than just focusing on increasing...
Rahul Singh writes on how financial services institutions are reorganizing themselves and transforming their business environment - adopting Agile and DevOps in their service delivery framework, much of which is focused on four key tenets – agility...
Tech Market Trends

Mar 07, 2019

Tech Market Trends - Outlook for 2019 and Beyond - Part 1

Kinsuk Mitra Director of Finance, Risk and Compliance

Kinsuk Mitra writes on what are the trends that are going to shape technology in 2019. In this first of a two part series, he looks at the future operating environment and the trends leading up the next 5 years.

Nov 20, 2018

How the Future of Banking Will Look Like

Vikas Bansal Regional Sales Director

The current prevalence of digital banking is largely focused on the Customer Acquisition and Customer Experience domains. In future, this will evolve to a more holistic ‘financial wellbeing’ focus with banks potentially becoming utility players...
Blockchain Revolution
Ever since its inception, Blockchain has created cacophonies in the financial world. From smart contracts to regulatory compliance, its use case list is growing each passing day. Banks are forming consortiums left, right and centre; Fintech start-...

Dec 05, 2017

Digital: Not a ‘small change’ for banks

Rahul Singh President, Financial Services

It is said that by 2021, half of the world’s adult population is set to bank digitally. With the number of customer touch points growing, services are going 24/7, collaboration with partners has become essential to innovation and customers are...

Tech holds the key: How financial services establishments can fight off the FinTech threat
Rahul Singh - President, Financial Services | December 19, 2018

Trends in Digital Payments Industry
Saniya Jain - Global Engagement Manager | December 7, 2018

Payment, although a small component of the banking function, is becoming a key competing factor amongst the global banks today. In this competitive environment, where banks are looking to innovate to come out ahead, adopting digital payments has become a means of out-doing each other. Payments, a word which brought to mind a picture of cash being exchanged, has evolved into technologically complex function, involving multiple parties coming together to simplify and speed up the exchange of cash in a way that focuses on user experience and convenience. 

Digitization of Client Onboarding: Transformation from Beginning
Rajesh Kumar Singh - Practice Manager (Capital Markets Solutions), HCL Technologies | November 29, 2018

Client on boarding (COB) refers to all activities that are performed during the acquisition of new customers and plays an integral role in subsequent interactions during the complete customer lifecycle - ranging from all the mandatory KYC, AML, risk-profiling and suitability assessments. It also encompasses the process of regularly reviewing clients and expansion of existing relationships with the addition of new investment products or services.  Thus onboarding emphasizes the entire client lifecycle, rather than being merely a “once and over” job.