Freshers find many paths to HCLTech careers | HCLTech

Freshers find many paths to HCLTech careers

An interesting story of how a campus hired employee found his spark at HCLTech. It could be your story too.
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HCLTech Campus Hiring


HCLTech Campus Hiring
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Our new hires, including this year’s freshers, have taken many paths to landing their career-launching first jobs at HCLTech. We spoke with one recent hire who joined HCLTech straight from university and now works as a software developer. (For privacy protection, we won’t use his name.)

Although this student had no contacts at HCLTech when starting his career journey, he took advantage of campus events to learn more about the company. “During a campus drive, various HCLTech representatives visited our school. The variety of their roles made clear all the diversification in what HCLTech does,” he explained. “They were the first company that interested me, and I got selected from campus.”

HCLTech careers start with engineering and services experiences

At that time he was in his final year of school and knew he wanted to move into a developer role somewhere eventually. Other opportunities did not live up to what he was looking for. “There were possibilities in different fields like core engineering and other domains, but I wanted to stick to software development,” he explained.



Being a technology solutions provider, HCLTech offers its campus hires the opportunity to pave their own career paths around a variety of offerings.



Being a technology solutions provider, HCLTech offers its campus hires the opportunity to pave their own career paths around a variety of offerings. Most new hires start their learning through services roles for an initial period, eventually moving into other areas like software development.

New recruits are intentionally guided to these core engineering and software maintenance tasks to build strong, consistent foundations. As their technical expertise develops, these recruits gradually grow into more vital, challenging roles based on their skills, passion and spark. For this new campus hire, that means working on the development side of technologies.

Diversification of HCLTech appeals to young software developer

As the developer learned more about HCLTech, one of the first things that stood out was the vastness of the organization. “HCLTech really has a massive domain and is not restricted to one scenario. I liked this diversification, from telecom to cloud to finance and others,” he declared. “I was surprised to learn HCLTech doesn’t offer only services but supports product acquisitions as well.”

Many creative HCLTech developers find their spark working in areas like these (and more):

  1. Application Modernization and Integration
  2. Data and Analytics
  3. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)
  4. Enterprise Applications
  5. Digital Workplace
  6. Cognitive Automation

HCLTech corporate responsibility attracts new hire attention

Things like civic responsibility, good environmental practices, diversity and inclusion factored into the decision to choose HCLTech as his first employer. “I like the personal responsibility and also the clean drive of HCL,” he said.

Apart from that, the employee health services were also attractive to him. And overall, “HCLTech values work/life balance to support employee health,” he declared.

HCLTech gives you freedom to innovate

One of the most important questions this young software developer had for any potential employer was how much freedom is given to software development roles? “Obviously challenges and constraints are going to be there in the job,” he explained, “but with ambient discussions and solutions to problems, how much free reign is given? That is really one of the important things.”

With his choice of HCLTech, he committed to a company that is likewise committed to its culture of innovation and “ideapreneurship.”

Before making the choice for HCLTech, this new hire took advantage of the wisdom of parents and friends. Some were in different domains, while several were in the same domain with other companies. “Most of them like that the role involves getting appropriate skills and having exposure with clients,” said the developer.

HCLTech serves clients in some 20 industries, including these fast-paced markets:

  1. Aerospace and Defense
  2. Automotive
  3. Banking
  4. Consumer Goods
  5. Energy and Utilities
  6. Healthcare
  7. Life Sciences
  8. Manufacturing Industries
  9. Media and Entertainment
  10. Mining and Natural Resources
  11. Retail
  12. Telecom

How can you prepare for your HCLTech career?

This HCLTech software developer took some smart steps to prepare for his big opportunity. “Being from a top college helped me to shortlist with top employers,” he explained. “Also, my project background and being prepared for a development role made an impact.”

So, how have your background, education and other experiences prepared you for a technology role like the software developer in this story? Maybe your HCLTech role is right around the corner, too.

How are you preparing for your first big career move? Have you considered the tech opportunities that might be waiting for you at HCLTech? Let’s have that conversation.

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