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HCL Cloud Smart: A futuristic strategy for holistic business transformation
October 27, 2021

Over the past decade, businesses have had to bear the impact of disruptions at a much accelerated scale. After bearing the brunt of the pandemic, it is all the more essential for companies to make intelligent choices to ensure their business is more resilient and sustainable. It has now become a necessity for organizations to bring in experts and trusted advisors to analyze their current environment and propose solutions which are sustainable in the long term. This is exactly where a solution like HCLTech’s Cloud Smart has a crucial role to play.  

With a strong foundation, HCLTech Cloud Smart promises to maximize business value for an organization through an innovative cloud-first and cloud-native approach. Its focus is on adopting agile principles for enhancing productivity along with a service-centric scalability and resilient cost-based approach. This is done by laying emphasis on core cloud smart elements which include smart consulting, smart industry solutions, smart partnerships, smart R&D, smart ops, smart talent and culture, and finally, smart products.


We can understand the impact and level of business transformation cloud smart  can bring in for any organization by taking an example of the apparel industry, especially functioning as a provider of unstitched fabric and garments. The players in this segment get their major part of the revenue from physical stores, having a very minute presence in the e-commerce domain and are at a very nascent stage of cloud adoption. Due to the pandemic, these brands are now exploring new retail channels in the digital space.

Continuing in the same line of research, various initiatives have been taken up in the landscape, such as digital retail stores, catalog promotions across social media platforms, and the pyramid referral business model. Through this, the brands were able to scale up their customer reach along with finding a profitable alternative to their existing line of revenue stream, which was earlier coming from physical stores. In the traditional business model, there are many intermediaries involved. Furthermore, the ongoing pandemic has accelerated the usage of this approach, thereby reducing the length of the entire supply chain altogether.

Through this example, we can understand that such business transformation-centric initiatives require a specialized and comprehensive cloud strategy. This is exactly where HCLTech Cloud Smart  fits in as it helps drive critical business centric transformation through value addition and an enhanced customer and user experience. This is efficiently achieved through a basket of offerings by Cloud Smart, such as cloud-native applications, cloud consulting services, SaaS services, cloud platform services, and intelligent frameworks and IPs.

Along with the key offerings, the pivotal cloud smart elements such as smart partnerships, smart research and development, smart ops, smart consulting, smart offerings and industry solutions, smart culture and smart talent and culture can essentially help customers who are looking for an integrated approach for their business transformation journey. This can be seen in the light of the above example for players in the apparel industry segment who switched to adopting new channels of retail such as digital retail stores and product catalog promotions across social media platforms.

Cloud Smart elements like smart consulting can help customers in this segment analyze their current maturity level in cloud adoption along with providing a tailor-made roadmap for the future. Along the same line, smart research and development can provide vital insights to clients which can further transform their business by providing personalized customer service, making better decisions regarding merchandising and high visibility of the supply chain, and tapping into new customer segments. Enhanced value addition is further possible through core cloud smart elements such as smart ops, smart partnerships, and smart offerings.

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