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Madhu kiran Ivaturi

How Chatbots can Improve Search Experience
Madhu kiran Ivaturi Senior Solutions Architect, Digital & Analytics | June 22, 2017

In every walk of online world, user has luxury of being lazy and relying more on various forms of Artificial Intelligence to perform their tasks. Food Ordering BOT remind your favourite restaurant on your marriage anniversary, which was liked by your wife last year. Online shopping BOT pick up a matching pair of socks along with your shoes, which you have just ordered. Education BOT help you, what should be next on your learning agenda. So is the improved experience while searching. 

Search bars have become intelligent in terms of information it can provide. search and find nearby places or Cricket Score by Google, made its traditional autofill option look very primitive. While power of search bars is improving, arrival of Chatbots for searching is transforming the way user can search for the things online. While other bots are pampering users in various other forms, Chatbots are taking luxury quotient of searchers a notch up.

Not clear on what to search?

Traditional search bars, box the thoughts of searchers. They force them to concentrate more on combination of keywords to search, which many times create blocks in minds of searcher. Chatbots with natural language interpretations let searchers to type what is on their mind rather than keywords and qualifiers. They take up ache of extracting the keywords for what to search. Which makes searchers mind more clear with subsequent conversations. This changes search paradigm from “What keywords I should use” to “can you search for this to me”.

Don’t remember what you searched previously?

I don’t know which book I searched previously, now I want to search for more books of same Genre. Though all search engines provide way to find your history of searches, imagine how easy it would be if I can just speak up and ask someone about it. Chatbots provide you that interface, where you can type or talk to remember what you searched previously.  

Person like you searching for this, do you also want to?

I am a photographer by hobby and don’t know what tips and topics other hobbyists are searching for. Chatbots make your life easy by knowing more about you and suggesting what other hobbyists like you are looking for. How insane help it could be, if someone comes and tell me what my boss is looking for these days! This would confirm my next promotion.  

Chatbots make your life easy by knowing more about you and suggesting what other hobbyists like you are looking for.

You searched for this, do you want to search for that?

I want to surprise my wife on her birthday and I am not aware of many ladies’ brands. If I search for Chanel and somebody suggest me about Fendi, then a peaceful dinner is assured for me on that day and that’s exactly what a search chatbot can do. Chatbots runs many semantic algorithms behind the scenes and can provide many alternate suggestions for what you are searching.

Speak up if you are too lazy to type

Too lazy to type and search for what you need? Chatbots can talk with you, understand you and search what you want search for. They can also refine your search by talking to you.

Icing on the cake is Chatbots can learn themselves and improve how they help you.

How can I build a Bot Application?

Microsoft provides Bot Framework to create a Bot application and a set of cognitive services around it to make Bots more intelligent.

Microsoft Bot framework is composed of

  • Bot Builder SDK, an open source SDK provides features to build a chatbot
  • Bot Connector, adaptor to connect Bot to various channels
  • Bot Directory, public directory for published bots

Microsoft Cognitive services over the chatbot makes them more intelligent by making them by more personalization, making it to understand your speech and making it to understand and interact with you in natural language and any language.

It is not only building bot, but Bot Framework can also help in managing your bot with additional features like diagnostic tools and web chat control.

How can HCL help?

HCL’s Microsoft Business Analytics services with 500+ consultants are serving 40+ customers, spanning from traditional Data Management services to recent cutting edge capabilities like Cortona Analytics, Analytics Platform Services, Cosomos, HD Insights, Chatbots with LUIS capabilities and cognitive services. HCL is one of the few Microsoft partners who have signed an Azure Analytics Agreement with Microsoft to build competency on Cortana and has joint Go To Market solutions with Microsoft. HCL’s Microsoft BI Center of Excellence support delivery teams with COE LABS to do innovations and co-innovations (in partnership with customers), Knowledge Management, Accelerators and industry solutions.

Please visit www.hcltech.com for more information. 

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