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Improve agent experience to transform customer experience

Read the blog to learn how you can elevate your agent experience with Bespoke- an AI-powered agent workspace.
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Lahari Shetty
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Deepak Chandrasekaran
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Improve agent experience to transform customer experience

When did you last call your financial institution to speak to a representative? What was your experience like? Did the representative ask you to repeat your account number multiple times? Were you asked to explain the reason for your call when transferred to another agent?

Customers often feel frustrated when compelled to explain their issue multiple times. Even with advancements in digital communication channels, many customers prefer speaking with a live representative when troubleshooting complex issues.

Agent Experience is often overlooked

Customer experience (CX) is a top priority for customer service and support leaders. The usability and effectiveness of CX are always under scrutiny. Yet service leaders overlook a critical driver of CX—the experience of the reps solving customer problems.

When service leaders make it easier for reps to solve a problem, everyone benefits, including the customer, the agent, and the company. Agents feel less stressed and can focus on listening to customers, understanding and solving their issues efficiently. That’s why brands must focus on equipping agents with the right workspace design, functionality, and integration. So that they can avoid repetition and seamlessly record important information.



When service leaders make it easier for reps to solve a problem, everyone benefits, including the customer, the agent, and the company.



Gartner has highlighted these points in their recent study on optimizing agent productivity with a connected tech strategy.


Gartner for Customer Service

SOURCE: Gartner for Customer Service, The Connected Rep (2023)


Agent Workspace: Your Service Team's Pièce De Résistance

Each conversation presents an opportunity to showcase the true value of your brand and cultivate stronger connections with your customers. With the rapidly evolving digital landscape, the way in which customers perceive and engage with brands is constantly changing. And that’s why it’s crucial for your representatives to access effective tools that facilitate seamless communication and interaction, as these reps are the face of your brand.

When developing and customizing your agent workspace, incorporate the following design principles:

Simplistic Design

Make it easy for agents to find customer information and seamlessly switch between interaction channels preserving customer information.


Provide a unified view of your CRM and cloud contact center platforms on a single screen, so agents don’t have to repeatedly switch windows, tabs, or screens.

Multi-Channel Interaction Controls

Be it chat, email or phone, make sure that your agents use intuitive channels to interact with your customers.

Customer Interaction Context

Make sure that your agents have access to the most recent, complete, and consistent information across channels.

Elevate Your Agent Experience with Bespoke, an AI-powered Agent Workspace

At Fluid Contact Center, we understand agents' challenges while delivering exceptional customer service consistently. We have created an adaptive agent workspace on the top-rated Amazon Connect platform.

Bespoke is a next-generation agent workspace that equips your agents with AI-powered intuitive, omnichannel interaction capabilities to elevate their experience and enhance operational efficiency. With Bespoke, your agents can effortlessly manage customer inquiries across multiple channels, enabling them to confidently meet customer needs. Bespoke also seamlessly integrates various systems to provide your agents with relevant customer insights, all in one place. The result is enhanced customer loyalty and lifetime value.

Designed to Drive Better Business Outcomes

The Bespoke agent workspace brings multiple channels, real-time customer sentiment and translation under a single intuitive desktop interface that supports users across a seamless conversation.

Built to Adapt

Seamlessly integrate with back-end systems such as CRM and knowledge base. This adaptability helps you to identify and adjust your agent screen based on the type of media received. Plus, your agent view is fully customizable to cater to the unique needs of a growing business.


Gain powerful emotional insights from customers through AI technology. And respond to complex customer issues with real-time sentiment analysis, language translation and voice transcription, to act quickly for top-notch service quality.

Omnichannel Support

Empower your team to manage all communication channels with a dynamic single-page application. And seamlessly access real-time omnichannel customer insights to provide exceptional support for complex queries. Bespoke delivers personalized experiences by helping your agents connect with your customers through their preferred channels. All this, while tracking the overall sentiment score.

To learn more about Bespoke, . To interact with our Fluid Contact Center team, email us at

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