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Innovating in the Fintech Arena: Delivering Next Gen Asset Management Solutions

Innovating in the Fintech Arena: Delivering Next Gen Asset Management Solutions
April 07, 2017

Co-Authored By : Deepti Chand

The Dynamic Business Environment

Today’s market conditions and industry trends, driven largely by globalization and digitization, are substantially influencing business models in the financial industry. As a result, banking, insurance, and capital market firms across the world are looking to deploy innovative strategies that drive profitability without impacting cost.

The proliferation of new-age technology has led to the emergence of nimble, digital-native companies that challenge the dominance of traditional players. The established businesses are, therefore, aspiring to achieve faster time to market to maintain their stronghold in today’s complex ecosystem.

It has become essential for enterprises to adopt a collaborative approach towards service delivery by fostering alliances with external stakeholders.

Additionally, barriers to market entry have been relaxed and organizations can now cater to a global customer base. As a consequence, they are seeking to add value to existing products as well as offer new Asset Management Services like index funds and mortgage-backed securities.

Overcoming Existing Challenges

As financial organizations expand their operations and reach out to the global market, the pool of assets grows in tandem and acquires complexity. This necessitates an integrated Asset Management Services suite along with industry-wide collaboration with leading vendors and third-party providers.

As financial organizations expand their operations, the pool of assets grows in tandem and acquires complexity

To meet the demands of a changing marketplace, HCLTech helps Asset Management firms focus on forward-looking initiatives, including re-tooling Investment Management and Enterprise Asset Management processes – and equipping new businesses to ride the ‘Tsunami of Growth’. We create strategies and leverage technology solutions to reimagine your business for the digital world.

We help financial institutions worldwide achieve better margins, improve speed to market, and generate higher value. One of our largest and fastest growing business verticals, fintech owes its success to strong domain competencies across the banking, insurance, and capital markets sectors. 

We help financial institutions worldwide achieve better margins, improve speed to market, and generate higher value

Leveraging Robust Capabilities

For over 15 years, a number of global and regional fund managers have benefitted from HCLTech’s Asset Management solutions. We have a dedicated team of over 3,000 professionals with capabilities in IT and operations, and our Asset Management expertise spans all key asset classes.

HCLTech capital market practices are bolstered by our extensive experience in servicing asset managers and strategic partnerships with vendors, providers, and Enterprise Asset Management leaders. Our E2E service encompasses the entire landscape of investment management process – including Trade Execution, Portfolio Management, Client Reporting, Fund Accounting and Asset Servicing.

HCLTech Asset Management practices are designed to overcome the challenges faced by capital market organizations. The following are its key differentiators –

  • Integrating services across IT, operations, and infrastructure
  • Capabilities encompassing multiple transformational projects like Six Sigma, BPR, and legacy modernization, among others
  • Executing projects worldwide for leading global investment managers, custodians, and fund managers
  • Possessing deep domain experience across order and trade management, portfolio management investment accounting, and fund administration
  • Offering implementation as well as post-implementation services for leading third-party products such as SimCorp Dimension, Charles River Trading System, Eagle PACE, and PAM
  • Enabling product partnership with leading vendors like Avaloq, SAP, Finastra, Sales Force, and MS dynamics

End to End Service on COTS products

HCLTech provides end to end service for our various COTS product. Here’s a snapshot of our comprehensive offerings for COTS products 


Partnering for Customer Success

The efficacy of our Asset Management services can be testified by the following –

  • Successfully implemented various third-party products and performed SOA exercise for the asset management department of a leading universal bank
  • Developed a transition blueprint while also designing and implementing the SAP FAM solution to meet the client’s investment accounting requirements
  • Created a dedicated co-innovation lab focused on mobility and social analytics for a premier investment bank and a US-based bank
  • Transformed the enterprise systems of a transfer agency, post an APO, to evaluate both the functional and the technical landscapes
  • Undertook and maintained asset monetization of applications for a top player in the custody and security services space
  • Implemented an advanced monetized system for a large Malaysian bank
  • Effected end-to-end asset management solutions deployment and enabled integration for OMS, Data Management, and performance measurement frameworks

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