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Humane iiot
Strategies that plant managers and key IIoT decision makers should consider when embarking on their IoT-led transformation journey to make an enthused, engaged, and receptive workforce.
Data Mining

Apr 08, 2019

Role of IoT and Data Mining in the Tech Industry

Saravana Nallakamu SAP Digital CX Practice Lead

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the network connecting the world of tangibles to that of the intangibles, that is, a network of physical objects connected to the software cloud. With the increasing popularity of IoT, new solutions are designed using...
Reimagining Clinical Trial
Increasing the rate of clinical productivity and bringing the products to market faster remain the key focal points for the Pharma industry. This is especially true in these times of pricing pressures, hyper-competition from generics, and outcomes-...
Force Multipliers
Internet of Things (IoT) Security: Key Challenges & their Force Multipliers
Data Quality
The blog aims at providing an insight as to why Data Quality is crucial for Industrial manufacturing segment talking about three major reasons in detail, and how we at HCL-ERS-Technology Office have addressed it.

Dec 19, 2018

IoT is pushing UC forward towards Glory

Ajitesh Gupta Senior Solution Director

Technology is changing the game in fields like IT, Healthcare, etc. and IoT is no exception. Where IoT is a relatively new trend focussed on connecting traditionally unconnected devices, UC is a mature market largely involved with real-time...

Dec 12, 2018

IoT and Beyond: The IoT NXT Summit 2018

Manali De Bhaumik Team leader, ISG Research

IoT and Beyond: The IoT NXT Summit 2018
Achieving 100% productivity of equipment on the manufacturing factory floor is nearly impossible. This is why calculating the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) is crucial. OEE can enable manufacturers to improve processes, consistency, quality...
Get! Set! Smart!
The next industrial revolution is already here. The Internet of Things (IoT) is the answer to the question on what could come next after automated machines and smart computers. The manufacturing industry is at the forefront of adopting IoT, far...
Bridging the IT/OT chasm
Digital manufacturing is slowly becoming the industry standard, and the conversation around IT/OT convergence is, therefore, turning into a more nuanced one that talks about the critical functions of today's digital manufacturing architectures. HCL'...
AWS IoT Analytics

Nov 09, 2020

Self-Help for Inventory Shelves with AWS IoT Analytics

Madhumanti Banerjee Technical Product Manager, IoT WoRKSᵀᴹ

"Big Data" and "Internet of Things" has created a pathway for firms to go beyond the traditional demand forecast routines by analyzing historical data and provide recommendations. We are now moving toward a centralized monitoring approach that...
evolution of javascript

Jun 10, 2015

The Evolution of JavaScript

Ramu P Group Project Manager

IoT Works

Feb 26, 2018

Internet of Things in Retail

Ashwini Global Engagement Manager

This blogs emphasizes the impact of IoT in Retail. How internet of things is enabling retail to achieve business transformation and what are the key use cases where IoT can play a big role.
IoT Hardware Platform for Medical Devices

Sep 07, 2015

IoT in Medical Devices

Neha Thakur Manager

While the Internet has historically been an important communication channel for traditional computing devices such as PCs, tablets and smartphones, the much hyped concept of ‘Internet of Things’ refers to a network of non-traditional computer devi
Digital Disruption Decode

Jul 03, 2019

Digital Disruption Decoded

Sridhar Negamanthan Vice President and Global Head Business Innovation

The entry barrier to exploring new digital technologies is diminishing given the maturity and quantum of platforms and services via the cloud. This blog elucidates four key tenets enterprises should consider while responding to technological...
Smart Cities
The cities have always been at the center of pollution and have been criticized for not taking into consideration the environmental impact of today’s actions like improper Municipal system, Energy wastage, uncontrolled pollution, cutting down tree
Right Sensors for Object Tracking
Internet of things have gained much momentum and it’s time to take a back step to explore components which makes it throb, the sensors. Choosing right sensor among many will make a difference.
Internet of Things
IoT- The Internet of Things has been the most influential “thing” in the Pop culture of Internet (since internet, if I may) since 2015. From smart TVs, wearables, Online shopping suggestion lists, smart fridge, connected health, power systems around...

COVID-19: Charting an effective course for the Oil & Gas Industry
Samrat Bera - Associate Vice President, E&U and O&G, IoT WoRKS™ | April 21, 2020

 With the adverse effects of COVID-19 evident all around the world, industries are ensuring business continuity using new-age approaches. For the oil and gas (O&G) industry, the challenge is to engage their workforce remotely and digitizing their supply chains while implementing proper monitoring and maintenance. Learn more about how O&G can bring about critical changes by incorporating IoT, automation, and other cutting-edge technologies here.

Keeping the Lights on for the Energy and Utilities Industry during COVID-19
Samrat Bera - Associate Vice President, E&U and O&G, IoT WoRKS™ | April 21, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected every industry, with energy and utilities (E&U) being no exception. Industry leaders are taking drastic steps to bring about wholesale changes to their operations and service offerings. Learn more about these changes and how certain technologies can safeguard the future of the E&U industry here.

Arifur Deepu

Virtual Clinical Trials: Imperative for Pharma Sector to fight COVID19
Arifur Deepu - Vice President & Global Head, Life Sciences & Healthcare, IoT WoRKS | April 3, 2020

The wake of COVID-19 pandemic has thrown the healthcare and life sciences sector completely off guard. In the current lock-down situation, the sector needs to keep the lights on as well as develop effective solutions to scale clinical research and medical product engineering for rapid mobilization and desirable outcomes. Clinical research should immediately shift from a traditional Sponsor-PI-Patient centric model to a virtualized/decentralized trial framework. HCL’s rapid innovation team has the expertise to quickly design/redesign the operational strategies of healthcare players and ride over this crisis with minimal disruption in their operating environments. We can design and implement large scale setups as per global regulations in a fraction of time and money as compared to traditional large-scale studies.