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Jul 28, 2021

Migration to M365/O365: A Decision Tree


Subhasis Karmakar, Senior Technical Manager, Digital & Analytics

Enterprises have hastened their cloud deployment plans with a desire to equip their office-based workers, who turned into remote workers overnight, with technologies to support agile work. Thus they intend to undergo cloud migration, whether from on…

Jun 09, 2021

SAP data on Azure using Datavard


Sujan Biswas, Senior Technical Lead, Digital & Analytics

With digital proliferation at an all-time high, enterprises expect the future demand for cloud software to increase manifold. Amongst the various cloud platforms available in the market today, Microsoft’s Azure stands out owing to its wide range of…

Nov 27, 2020

Challenges of Legacy Application Modernization


Shyam Kumar Sundarakumar, Senior Solution Architect, Digital & Analytics

Many organizations that carry heavy legacy baggage, are faced with many challenges running their legacy technology-based applications with many risks like reduced skill-availability, technology obsolescence etc. This article provides a brief insight…

Sep 14, 2020

Skilling the Enterprise Workforce for Cloud: Strategies for CIOs


Piyush Saxena, Piyush Saxena, VP & Head – Hybrid Cloud Services

Piyush Saxena writes on the steps CIOs can take to address the immediate and mid-term skill gaps that is emerging in the industry. The pace of change brought about by the pandemic has upended traditional skill development models and forced CXOs to…
This blog dwells on the importance of Oracle’s cloud migration and SaaS services, and the resultant processes and challenges.