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Concluding part of Life,Death and Cloud computing
Jasbir Singh Dhaliwal Global Program Manager | May 13, 2020

Concluding part of Life, death and Cloud computing

“The idea is good, but will it really benefit the large segment of society?” Mohan thought, “Why not? Most of the problems/issues have a genesis in the person’s mental condition. “

“A peaceful mind is an antidote to most of the intra and interpersonal issues. Also, any seemingly mundane activity demands a high degree of focus and concentration.”  Mohan continued ruminating.

“…and this distills down to having a calm and clutter-free mind. …And if we are able to find a solution to this insurmountable problem, this can be a real and invaluable benefit.” Mohan further pondered.

invaluable benefit

“But the real challenge is how to stabilize a perennially distracted mind? This is almost impossible. How can we change the nature of the mind, especially if it was conditioned over eons of evolution?” Thoughts continued incessantly.  

Mind churning would have continued, had it not been interrupted by an unconnected thought. Suddenly the encounter with a peaceful person flashed in his consciousness – and everything seems to fall in place.

“The only way to control something is to measure it.” Mohan remembered from one of his training sojourns. “Although this principle is applicable to the physical world, but this can be applied in the psychological realm as well.” Mohan was in no mood to let go of the precious thought.

The only way to control something is to measure it

“Somehow measuring the amount (and nature) of thoughts can trigger a longing in the person to gradually reduce the mental perturbations.” He was now sure that he had found a solution to the conundrum.

“Now I understand the connection between the dream and “strength of cloud computing”. I just need to bring smart wearables into the mix, and I would have a perfect recipe for unleashing nirvana for all with the fundamentals of cloud computing.” A strange mix of excitement and calmness dawned on him.

“If people can tap on smart wearables (smart bands etc.) to register the occurrence of a thought, and the accumulated data from these smart wearables can be periodically pushed to cloud, after which cloud storage and analytics can be leveraged. They can then view the state of their mind over a desired period of time. This can motivate them to work toward transitioning to a more peaceful existence. It would be Fitbit but for mental faculties. This can be one among the many examples of cloud computing in daily life.” – The engineer inside Mohan was roaring with full rigor.

“Thoughts (positive, enthusiastic, depressive, and more) can be captured by using different combinations of taps on the wearable and reported in myriad ways. Different thought conditions (single tap for positive thought and double tap for negative thought/emotion). Having a spectrum of thoughts with their respective occurrence would be a strong fillip for taming the monkey mind and gradually transition towards a state of calmness or a mind full of positive thoughts. The person can also compare and contrast various spiritual practices for their relative effectiveness. Thoughts determine actions. Positive thoughts result would certainly result in positive actions.” – He had final thoughts while coming up with a block diagram of the solution – the solution that would finally fulfill desires of large swathes of humanity.

invaluable benefit

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