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The next-gen digital employee experience

April 08, 2021
Deborah Smith


Global Lead - HRO
April 08, 2021

A question arises as the shift continues from traditional HR functions to one that is focused solely on the enhanced ‘employee experience’. As a consumer, you need to ask: how deep is digital penetration in employee services?

Some weeks ago, I purchased a new freezer online and was prompted to access the available AR option to visualize it in my kitchen. I could rotate, swap locations, and play around with placement through my mobile using an AR-generated view of the object.

This experience reminded me of a recent discovery with our HCLTech IoT WoRKS, where we collaborated on the use of AR/VR and Extended Reality (ER) in the e-learning space. AR, VR, and XR can be used in e-learning to allow employees to visualize and experience the look and feel of an entity before working in a remote-assist environment. The ability to view exploded diagram imagery, walk through a device’s operation, and deploy SMEs remotely while servicing equipment, software, or hardware is amazing. Couple this with the ability to add markers, overlay drawings, and guide the onsite person to the solution ’fix,’ the possibilities could become limitless.

The complex, multilayered dimensions of e-learning have changed forever. The pandemic has forced and enabled organizations to embrace new-found ways of learning. The smart approach is an adaptive, customized learning capability aligned with micro- or bite-sized learning dimensions. It caters to the time-constrained employee who can focus when a short burst of key-intensive content on a mobile device has a more direct and retained impact. This beats extended e-learning or ILT sessions, hands down, which consume valuable time and resources.

In their own right, employees want to be treated as consumers within the organization, from both technology and work environment perspectives. They seek an Amazon or Netflix-like experience, and rightly so, this should be the norm. But limited investments often restrict the HRs’ ability to provide true consumerism to their workforce. The key is in understanding how individuals operate and what they need. By building personas and crafting content-based employee journey maps, HCLTech can create a unified, on-demand ‘know me’ employee services within the client environment.

HCLTech’s proven strengths and capabilities to automate and advance the employee experience allow an integrated and optimized user event during employee interaction within the organization. Our human-centric design-thinking approach and case analytics are used to identify real employee value.

With AI becoming a mainstay in the coming years, we can expect many more such innovations. AI Ops can be leveraged in many functions, including learning environments. AI Ops also provides direct support to rescue businesses from COVID-19 disruptions through intelligent automation.

Monitoring, predicting, and understanding the impact of employee wellness is always critical. But the current circumstances demand it to be at the forefront of every manager’s mind. The ability to assess and gain insights through AI facilitates data-driven decisions. Data-centric wellness RAG (red, amber, green) indicators, surveys, polls, performance data, and counselor interventions defines and creates effective strategies for today and tomorrow.

Monitoring, predicting, and understanding the impact of employee wellness is always critical, but the current circumstances demand it to be at the forefront of every manager’s mind.

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