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Pioneering innovation in digital marketing

Pioneering innovation in digital marketing
March 24, 2017

Co- Authored by:Divya Thiruvenkada Krishnan

Marketing often plays a decisive role in determining the brand value of any product. It has taken several major leaps – through newspaper, TV, radio, cutouts, banners, telephone, as well as the internet – and it continues to grow. Today, products substantially outnumber manufacturer availability and therefore, smart strategies and superior quality are cardinal for standing out among the clutter. 


Traditional marketing (comprising newspaper, TV and radio) requires huge investments although the options are limited – a banner ad for a desired layout on a newspaper, for instance, or per minute/per second cost advertisements on the radio and TV. Innovation remains confined in these methodologies and they cannot grow due to their very design. 

In comparison to traditional marketing #Digital Marketing is growing at a rapid pace, fostering #innovation and creativity


According to Cisco, by 2017, 69% of all customer internet traffic will be predominantly generated by videos. The current trend is that a single user in a household owns several devices – office laptop, personal laptop, mobile, tablet, Smart TV, wearables and so on. Digital India, Net Neutrality, Free Basics, and free internet offers are all examples of the influx of digitalization in our lives.

Digital marketing takes businesses to the masses through search engine optimization and relevant content promotion through targeted customer data analysis and research. Unlike traditional models, digital marketing has various models like Pay per click and Pay per view. Additionally, new models are being introduced that create more room for creative marketing, in sync with company budget allocations. Multi-varied, pocket-friendly pricing models, aimed at reaching the masses, is the modus operandi for today’s digital marketers.


Digital marketing services rely on the quality of content, analytics (graph, statistical data) and technical data. To excel in digital marketing, one has to understand the digital space. Digital platform differs from traditional marketing in terms its reach and interaction. Interaction is measured by how much a piece of digital content is liked by targeted audience and how much they engage with this content

HCL has showcases its digital marketing expertise consistently through various digital initiatives. We have also leveraged the digital space in conducting interviews, driving social awareness initiatives and announcing technical updates.

HCL’s Digital innovation strategies are recognized as the best in class. Every HCLite imbibes the virtues of being tech savvy and innovative in our day-to-day lives. Recently, we became the digital transformation partner of a famous football club. With all these initiatives taking shape HCL is widely seen as a pioneer in digital innovation.



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