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Redefine and Embrace the ‘New Normal’ with HCL’s EdgeLITy
Amanpreet Singh Group Manager, PMG – Hybrid Cloud Services | July 7, 2020

Technology and mankind have always been close companions for centuries, be it discovering the new ways for technology adoption or be it ingeniously adding a new dimension to an existent one, amplifying the essence of discovery. Recalling one such instance from the year 1870, when adopting the time-leaped techniques of the era, scientists managed to improve the low life expectancy rate. They did that by classifying psychiatric diseases using cell theory in combination with statistical data captured via relatively revolutionized instruments. This was perhaps the first few activities generating crucial inferences in the history of mankind.

Today, we have a similar scenario but at a wider scale due to the outbreak of COVID-19 a.k.a. ‘coronavirus disease 2019’, which has led to worldwide panic, triggering the socio-economic disruption in all the layers of the society with enforced lockdowns and social distancing and also curbed workplaces and businesses. This unforeseen breakdown has formed a cloud of uncertainty, challenging the dynamics of co-existence between nature and humankind. 

Anxiety prompted us to draw measures like social distancing, with an immediate effect, to mitigate the unprecedented damage. This impelled the need to control and contain the spread at all costs and yet again technologies like AI/ML, when coupled with IoT (Sensors and endpoint devices) are proving to be advantageous.

An Edge in the Fight Against COVID-19

From the early studies, it is evident that this new-age virus is an evolved enemy and would need treatment and methodology that is unthought of and not yet adopted at a large scale. Joining the fight is the very concept of edge computing, powered by AI/ML and IoT intelligence. With its ability to exploit all the available datasets and core search pointers, technology which was once considered as niche and limited to a few use cases, overnight leapfrogged into global acceptance and adoption. The very trait of collecting, connecting, computing, and cognizing through an edge computing platform, coupled with real-time AI processing, to produce illustrations and inferences is turning out to be the key combative in this fight.

HCL as a pioneer and promoter of the edge computing platform understands its importance for building ready-to-deploy, agile, and scalable go-to-market solutions. These solutions are designed to support technology adoption and transformation across verticals and industries and could render as the very need of the hour, for their unrealized benefits in workplaces and other critical locations.

HCL, with EdgeLIty, offers to deploy, manage, and control activities in remote locations. It is packed with real-time data-capturing and analytical ability. This helps in connecting the virtual world with the real world, producing insights that can not only be a game-changer but also maintain norms to meet the ‘new normal’.

EdgeLIty Powering the ‘New Normal’

Social distancing is a ‘new normal’ for many countries that will remain an ongoing practice to be adhered to, for the time beyond outbreak. Edge computing not only helps to break the chain in the current mode but also proves instrumental in offering better management and overall governance of workplaces and closed perimeters, for instance - manufacturing units, shopping malls, retail stores, hospitals, and so on.

Safeguard your business from the #COVID turbulences with #EdgeComputing. Change the way you look at driving operations remotely.

HCL offers Real-Time In-Store Insights (RII), a smart inference-generating, ready-to-deploy solution that can help many verticals such as manufacturing and retail spaces - Factory floors, stores, and malls, to name a few. It can even apply to workplaces where occupancy and social distancing needs to be monitored anyhow. The RII solution (IoT works in combination with EdgeLITy) can provide insights on real-time monitoring of individuals in the given space. From monitoring the vital stats like body temperature to sharp social distancing enforcement, this solution aids the overall management, proposing prescriptive measures wherever necessary, to control and avoid such recurrence of hotspots. From releasing an alarm for a large gathering to the designated authorities to prompting with prescriptive floor hygiene plans to better manage and control floor occupancy. RII intelligently manages and controls the activities leading to undisrupted user experience.

Supporting the similar need of minimal local human interaction in workplaces, RII, when bundled with technologies like AR/VR-guided assistance, transforms even the limited skilled workforce on the factory floors into expert technicians. Offering the real-time guided assistance via the smart handheld device to the field technician, an expert sitting far off, carefully monitors, discusses, and dictates the actions to the onsite technician. This incubation leads to faster resolution of issues, lower human errors, and high production time.

Monitor, Manage and Deliver Smart Facilities and Medical Inventory

Banking on advancements in research, testing, and healthcare, societies have managed to establish war-footing measures in the form of makeshift remote clinics and hospitals. These hospitals are packed with the new-age arsenal like digitized instruments, connected devices, modernizing mass monitoring, and are quite instrumental to the doctors and scientists, who are looking for every bit of information in finding a cure.

The makeshift healthcare arrangements grew rapidly overnight with constant strive to contribute in this rough time by rescuing, isolating, and treating those who got infected. One of the prominent challenges of such temporary foray is the management of articles and inventory. Knowing what is consumed as compared to what is available, could be a game-changer and a lifesaver. Here, HCL’s smart solutions can help you manage these smart surgical kits as they can be automatically tracked. From auto-updating the inventory to the ordering of required stocks, our solution promises the availability of the right kit at the right place with complete adherence to sanitization and overall hygiene maintenance. HCL’s intelligent cold chain monitoring solution for end-to-end custody management and shipment monitoring for food, medicines, vaccines, is certainly behind-the-scene force working to defeat the spread of COVID and saving lives.

Technologies like edge computing will play a vital role in fighting this pandemic, but it is equally important that we undertake the right approach to adoption and integration.  HCL, with its EdgeLITy framework, offers to reduce upfront effort by the means of bringing agile, manageable, smart monitoring, and remote deployable solutions governed with intuitive people, processes, and technology. Its plug-and-play module indeed is your turnkey rescue option, that promises to deliver the performance, scalability, and security to help you meet the demand on-the-go.