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Reimagining employee experience for the digital enterprise: EmpFinesse™

Reimagining employee experience for the digital enterprise: EmpFinesse™
June 04, 2018

As consumerization in IT evolves at breakneck speed, enterprises need to deliver true “digital experiences” within the organization, while boosting synergies at various levels (e.g. organization culture, IT, HR policies, business processes etc.). This is critical to address issues like workforce disengagement and wisdom leakage.

Digital Experience in the Enterprise Ecosystem

Simplification is the essence of “digital experience” in the enterprise. A modernized experience for the workforce demands automation and Cognitive power to address persona-driven and contextual employee experience, with device-agnostic interfaces, access from anywhere, anytime, and content and information from disparate systems delivering meaningful and actionable insights. It also touches aspects across Learning and Wisdom, Human Resource Management, Ecosystem Administration, IT and other Internal Services, and even Core Domain Processes, eventually benefitting customers and resulting in improvement in key business metrics.

Synergy in the Enterprise Ecosystem

The cultural aspects of an organization affect employee experience. Digital-born organizations embrace open-culture and holacratic approaches to address evolving cultural changes of the global workforce. Ease of finding relevant contents and experts, collaborative resolution to business problems, injection of intelligence in business processes and making sense of the multiple ontologies of people, content and data emitted by devices and sensors, are considered as measures to drive next-generation synergy in the modern enterprise.

Reaching the Ideal Digital State – the Gaps

While enterprises are striving to transform themselves digitally, it is essential for them to deliver commensurate digital Experience through Synergy in the ecosystem. A “rip and replace” or a customized approach is not productive (from the TCO perspective), given that enterprises have already made significant investments in their existing setup. The answer is to embrace a digital platform that offers transformation without entailing significant changes in the enterprise IT landscape.

Embrace a digital platform that offers transformation without requiring significant changes in the enterprise IT landscape

The Solution: EmpFinesse™

EmpFinesse™ is a digital platform for the Enterprise, enabling internal transformation through smart delivery of Experience and Synergy

EmpFinesse™ is a digital platform for the enterprise, enabling internal transformation through smart delivery of Experience and Synergy. It delivers extraordinary experience to enterprise users through its Experience and Synergy Towers. The platform components sit on top of existing enterprise systems and deliver digital experience either directly to the users or are leveraged by enterprise apps to enable creation of unique digital experiences.

Experience and Synergy are enhancing Enterprise Digital Ecosystem

Experience and Synergy enhancing Enterprise Digital Ecosystem

Experience and Synergy go hand in hand to deliver a digitalized ecosystem which enables, engages, excites, and empowers the workforce toward a more productive enterprise. Nudge and Galatea towers of the platform deliver experience related offerings while Sympatico tower takes care of the Synergy segment.

EmpFinesse™ Nudge offers capabilities to automate routine work nudging the workforce toward better productivity. It ensures minimal manual intervention in routine work and leverages digital replica of objects to automate processes (e.g. training or issue resolution).

EmpFinesse™ Galatea offers tools and services not only to modernize content services across an enterprise but also enables transformation in learning and wisdom management.

EmpFinesse™ Sympatico enables transformation in the digital workforce by offering a bouquet of solutions and tools bringing synergy (people, processes, devices etc.) which leads to digital transformation in the enterprise. The key elements of this cognitive and automation driven offering include professional networking, leveraging of Internet of Things (IoT) and the enablement of smart Business Systems to engage employee to employee, employee to device, organization to employee and external stakeholders, process to device and process to people.

Internal Construct

EmpFinesse™ digital platform has a built-in technical layer (hidden from the end-users) named Fundamentals which comprises microservices on which the end-user services of EmpFinesse™ are built. It includes integration utilities, search utilities, and real-time intelligence.

EmpFinesse™ Core Platform supplements the Fundamentals layer with other advanced microservices that enable dynamic loading of artificially intelligent brains from any technical platform by the Power Users. The brain ecosystem runs in a competitive manner driven by a rule-based scoring. A virtual assistant infrastructure enables BOT from any technology base to be added dynamically. This platform comes with several popular features such as multi-channel (web, skype, slack, Facebook messenger, Skype for business, teams, Cortana etc.), multilingual, caching, feedback management, auditing, multi-mode (text and voice), data-classification, and authorization protection to name a few. It also guides backend integration through orchestration channelling using the API Gateway supporting both static and dynamic recipe.

Nudge, Galatea and Sympatico leverage components and services from the fundamentals layer as well as the core platform. A logical Illustration of EmpFinesse™ is given below:


Target Stakeholders

The EmpFinesse™TM digital platform is meant for CIOs, CTOs or CHROs in the enterprise:

For the CIOs

  • Better nurturing of skills: Enterprise Wisdom Management and the Digital Café are key offerings of EmpFinesse™ that will address skill management and learning for enterprises.
  • 360-degree view of the workforce, skills, mapping and gaps: EmpFinesse™ offers solutions like enterprise avatars for problem-solving, work partnership for automation, as well as Wisdom Modernization and Smart Information Services that will enable learning and idea crowdsourcing allowing CIO’s to address these needs.

For the CTOs

  • Improvement of communication, collaboration, and networking systems and in proper tooling in hybrid technological ambience: EmpFinesse™ has a rich set of offerings aligned to these needs like Workforce tools included in Smart Information Services, Enterprise Networking and Work Partnership.
  • Workplace Analytics: EmpFinesse™ offers solutions to derive actionable insights about workforce behaviours that could make the Enterprise IT more efficient.

For the CHROs

  • Experience solutions for superior Talent Management, Retention and Modernization of Learning-cum-Wisdom management. EmpFinesse™ offerings like Workforce Networking and Insights and Prediction
  • Typical areas include collaboration and community enablement, spurring innovation with the gamification offering of the EmpFinesse™ platform. Wisdom Modernization and Learning Café provide differentiated experiences through persona-driven contextual services and smart findability that enable employees to find the right information easily.

Customer Journeys

EmpFinesse™ has been rolled out to quite a few enterprises by HCL. A couple of recent such cases are given below:

  • EmpFinesse™ Core Platform has been used to automate query resolution in employee platform of an American consumer goods corporation headquartered in downtown Cincinnati, USA, integrating various backend systems. An intelligent virtual assistant-based digital ecosystem was created to accept diverse HR, IT, Administration and Facilities related queries and action requests from users.
  • EmpFinesse™ has been used by one of the largest investor-owned electric utility service providers in Europe, operating in over 30 countries, to bring in efficiencies in their resource onboarding process, identification and management of trainings, management of teams, assignation of users/teams to projects, timesheet maintenance and approval for external employees. An automated resource onboarding process using EmpFinesse™’s Academy Solution was offered.