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Rewarding cybersecurity careers start at HCLTech

All about starting a tech career in cybersecurity. We summarized for you to start your journey towards building a cyber resilient world.
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HCLTech Campus Hiring


HCLTech Campus Hiring
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If you’re looking for a technology role that’s in steady demand worldwide, you can’t go wrong with cybersecurity. As companies generate more and more data, protecting information while making it useful becomes harder and harder. Most enterprise organization struggle to keep up with the constantly shifting cyber landscape. As a result, vast amounts of data are vulnerable to threats.

When organizations struggle with staffing and managing in-house cyber professionals, they turn to experienced providers like HCLTech. We relieve the pressure of protecting the business from current, new, and still undiscovered security risks.

As a cybersecurity professional, it would be your job to help businesses use the best in tech practices to reduce risk. It’s why the HCLTech cybersecurity teams have such rewarding careers; they know we genuinely help customers every single day.

Dynamic cybersecurity for an ever-evolving threat landscape

From a cybersecurity perspective, HCLTech’s mission is to make our customers truly threat-resilient. Our dynamic cybersecurity approach is based on a framework of governance and continual assessment. This constant engagement takes organizations from a “static” to a “dynamic” security posture. Dynamic is the key word. Threats change constantly, and so must cyber protections.

Our teams routinely deliver 360-degree dynamic cybersecurity capabilities at many levels:

  1. Strategy
  2. Consulting
  3. Architecture
  4. Transformation
  5. Integration
  6. Managed Services

What does this mean for someone interested in a tech career in cybersecurity? If technology is your passion, and cyber is where you want to launch your career, HCLTech is a very smart move. Our need for talent like yours is ongoing, and the opportunities are as numerous as they are varied. In fact, let’s take a deeper look at how HCLTech structures our cybersecurity strategy and workforce for success.



If technology is your passion, and cyber is where you want to launch your career, HCLTech is a very smart move.



Cybersecurity Fusion Centers for advanced solutions

There are many opportunities within HCLTech to learn and contribute to security orchestration and automation. Our Cybersecurity Fusion Centers (CSFCs) bring a strong, unified approach to cybersecurity. By integrating various components of cybersecurity operations into one center, it is easier to operationalize a comprehensive cybersecurity lifecycle.

Preventive protection is powered by holistic CSFC investigation and notification. Our security professionals use the CSFC Fusion Platform to deliver rapid threat response. When a suspicious event is detected, or an automatic prevention activity occurs, an alert is generated. CSFC analysts are trained to investigate and triage the alert.

Hands-on technical learning aligned to industry standards

Tech careers in our cybersecurity areas offer exposure to projects and practices aligned to industry standards. When you join the HCLTech crew, you can be confident you are using best-in-class methods and tools. The applications and systems HCLTech employees use for cybersecurity work include:

  1. Network and cloud technologies
  2. Endpoint and messaging tools
  3. Modern business-related apps
  4. Identity and access management solutions
  5. Multiple security tools and practices

New hires learn and grow from hands-on experiences using best practices in implementing cyber-resilience frameworks for a variety of organizations and industries.

Do you enjoy working with and optimizing real-time metrics and KPI dashboards? Our security-focused teams spend a lot of time in those worlds as well, analyzing, experimenting, and innovating. The CSFC Platform provides our analysts with full views of users and assets, using incident tagging to investigate how incidents fit into larger campaigns based on indicators of compromise (IOCs) and attack techniques. It’s serious work.

Wanted for rewarding tech roles: next-gen thinkers

While cybersecurity protects systems and information technology, the goal of cyber resilience is maintaining business continuity. A cyber-resilient organization is prepared to defend and recover from cyber threats and attacks.

Creating solutions requires tech employees who are forward thinking and can work creatively. Our customers depend on a variety of HCLTech professionals to bring next-gen thinking to the table to solve a wide range of problems and achieve cyber resilience.

Today, cyber resilience is a business requirement for enterprises

The acceleration of digital transformation and hyper-convergence has a downside when it comes to cybersecurity. Transformative business growth unintentionally creates an ever-widening threat landscape with unintended risks, vulnerabilities, attacks, and failures.

This further amplifies the need for cyber resilience for businesses – and the ongoing demand for cybersecurity talent. Our teams at HCLTech understand the serious nature of the work and are proud to help our customers reach sustainable cyber resilience.

Opportunities for collaboration on joint cybersecurity solutions

Cybersecurity work often involves teaming up with other innovators in the market. For example, a joint cyber resiliency solution between HCLTech and Dell Technologies improved resiliency through an agile, robust and coordinated strategy.

The HCLTech Dell Ecosystem Unit delivers the Dell cyber recovery solution across four unique offerings: hosted, on-premises, infrastructure services in a virtual vault, and as a fully managed solution. The solution identifies, protects, and recovers business systems, applications, and critical data.

The partnership pairs HCLTech service expertise and domain proficiency with Dell infrastructure. The joint approach also defines operating procedures that ensure business continuity with a low recovery time objective (RTO) and high data security standards.

Will cybersecurity be your spark?

Across the tech industry, there is an ongoing and expanding need for talented cyber professionals, which means there are plenty of growth-oriented career opportunities at HCLTech. What’s your spark? Do you think starting your career in cybersecurity could turn into a rewarding journey? We do. and let’s get started.

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