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Software testing saves time and money. But don’t take our word for it!

Software testing saves time and money. But don’t take our word for it!
March 08, 2017

It’s that time of year again to join us at InterConnect, the IBM annual event that you can get a year’s worth of professional education in just one week. Besides all the great sessions, labs, workshops, demos, and networking activities, clients showcasing their stories are at the top of our list. You won’t want to miss these client presentations. You get to see a real context with real results, and a model to create your own success story.

Here are our top picks of client software testing presentations from IBM InterConnect:

Transformational Testing: From Automated Testing to Business Process Optimization at Arla (5890A)

Arla, the largest dairy manufacturer in Europe, completely transformed its SAP testing methodology and practice, not only by introducing automated testing but also with the ability to discover core business processes with no manual effort. Christie Linstron, Worksoft, will explain how Arla's processes were automatically captured while users performed their normal, day-to-day activities in SAP. This enabled Arla to analyze how business was actually being done and then standardize operations across geographic divisions. Once optimal paths were identified, they were used to automatically generate business process flowcharts, documentation, and automated tests.

UI Testing with RTW Web UI Tester: A US Federal Government Department's Journey (6587A)

When the US Federal Government adopted IBM Rational Test Workbench (RTW) Web UI Tester for testing their web-based application, they quickly realized its potential to automate the loads of manual tests they have in a relatively short time. Having used Rational Performance Tester for their load testing, it was simple to adopt Web UI Tester because of their similarity. Powerful features like visual scripting, strong built-in object locators, data pools and custom JavaScript coding have made it easy to create robust scripts. They were able to automate a large set of manual tests quickly, without coding. Ashish Mathur and Chris Haggan of HCL, will explore the US Federal Government testing methods, and overview their lab topology, best practices and the improvements they expect.

Accelerating Application Innovation through Test Automation Excellence: Making QA Critical (4470A)

Who says you need the cloud for good testing efficiency? Not us. We reduced the time it takes to test an application from weeks to hours within our QA practice. Learn how Black Knight Financial Services achieved this level of testing efficiency using the core components of Rational Quality Manager and Rational Functional Tester, as well as our own innovations. This testing ecosystem brings significant benefits to our business even when using a waterfall development process. Andrew Detandt and Michael Freeman both at Black Knight Financial Services, will discuss the openness of the solution that we leveraged to build an architectural foundation that can quickly stand up a test environment, run all required tests, capture any defects and tear down the test environment in a matter of hours.

DaiShin Securities Use Case: Test Automation Framework Implementation (4538A)

In this session, DaiShin Securities, a leading securities firm in Korea, will share their use case of a test automation framework implementation that prevents core system errors and minimizes their impact to the business. The session also covers testing principles/testing processes/organizational improvement and why DaiShin chose IBM Rational Test Workbench for test automation. DaiShin Securities renews their record for the number of Zero-Defect Days through a test automation framework implementation that enables test automation for highly complex and integrated applications. Please attend this session to hear HyunSik Park of DaiShin Securities talk about the methods and approaches that can enable continuous testing as part of the DevOps lifecycle.

Anthem Takes DevOps to the Next Level with Automated Service/API Testing and Service Virtualization (6995B)

Anthem, Inc. elevated its DevOps footprint in a scaled agile way by embarking on a 24-month journey utilizing IBM Rational Test Workbench and Rational Test Virtualization Server to leverage Service Virtualization (stubs) and Automated Service Testing (AST). DevOps at Anthem has matured to where the enterprise can build stubs and API tests, and execute them continuously. Today we host 400+ stubs for internal and external consumers. Automated regression testing saves over 200 man-hours per month, with tests run nightly. Join Neil DeLury, James Rucci, and Craig Gallenstein all of Anthem, to discover more about our journey, lessons learned and how Anthem has realized significant cost savings totaling in excess of US$1 million, with a forecasted ROI of US$3 million in the next 24 months.

Service Virtualization: The Good, the Bad and the Continuous Delivery Integration (6999A)

State Farm ventured into Service Virtualization in the spring of 2015 using IBM's Rational Integration Tester (RIT). RIT replaced other forms of stubbing services and now is the preferred and recommended tool for Service Virtualization. Our SV Support Team has matured rapidly. Recently, our developers and testers have begun to take SV to the next level. Some would say this is the bleeding edge—you be the judge as we share our story. State Farm is also integrating virtual services into our automated testing scripts to enable our continuous delivery pipelines. Our DevOps efforts are beginning to reap the rewards. Join Jeff Ritsema and Chad Phillips of State Farm Insurance Companies as they present their experiences with the rollout and share State Farm's successes and lessons learned.

Using Integration Tests and Virtualization to Ensure Application Quality at Banco do Brasil (5999A)

Even with the growth of mobile applications and the IoT, most enterprise applications still relies on back-end applications deployed on high-end and mainframe platforms. This multi-platform and heterogeneous environment creates a challenge with how to guarantee that each layer and component works in isolation, and that all integrations work fine. In this presentation, Rafael Espinha, IBM and Georgea Frizon, Banco do Brazil will show how Banco do Brasil is using IBM Integration Test and Virtualization tools to check each layer and component of its most critical applications for functional and performance requirements in an automated and continuous way, going from mobile layer up to mainframe components. This solution is part of the DevOps strategy that Banco do Brasil has adopted.

Rational Integration Tester and Its Role in the DevOps Pipeline at Rodenstock (4937A)

IBM Rational Integration Tester (RIT) is an integration testing tool that together with IBM Rational Test Virtualization Server (RTVS) is also used for service virtualization. Darko Bosec, CROZ and Patrick Kerner, Rodenstock GmbH will explain how it can be used, what its features are and why you should use it in your organization. It will show how RIT and RTVS are used at Rodenstock, Germany's leading manufacturer of ophthalmic lenses and frames, how they are involved in Rodenstock's agile development and continuous delivery process, how they interact with the IBM Rational Quality Manager to obtain quality reports, and how they helped to increase the quality of services on IBM Integration Bus by simulating services with variety of realistic data and virtualizing unavailable services.

How Royal Bank of Canada Reduced Test Execution Times and Improved Performance Testing (4172A)

Dan Clark, RBC will discuss the successes and challenges of setting up and using the Rational Integration Tester tool at Royal Bank of Canada (RBC). Topics covered will include: performance testing, negative test scenarios, UI testing and health checks.

The Value of Rational Integration Tester versus Open Source in "Enterprise Reality" (3828A)

Integration is challenging, whether you are coding in Java, .Net, Python or GO. For enterprise-scale applications, people sometimes say that open source is sufficient and can address all issues—but can it? The shift-left movement is based on best practices that should be implemented using automation tools—but is it really free? Bartosz Chrabski, Island Training and Emilia Smolko, IBM will help you to better understand the actual TCA and TCO of using open source tools for integration testing, and help you to make optimal decisions based on market knowledge and competitive analysis. Come to this session to learn about the advantages of IBM Rational Integration Tester, and see the real value and impact of well-defined processes and well-implemented integration testing.

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