Tap into expertise and resources to make your cloud-native vision a reality | HCLTech

Tap into expertise and resources to make your cloud-native vision a reality

HCLTech's Cloud Native and GenAI Labs can help you execute your vision by deploying solutions, offering reassurance and providing engineering acceleration to get started quickly.
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Thomas De Vos


Thomas De Vos
Associate Director
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Expertise of HCLTech Cloud Native and GenAI Labs

You are not alone if your organization has a cloud-native vision but is still determining how to achieve it. Many businesses face challenges around transforming their legacy IT estate to cloud-native, especially when migrating or modernizing hundreds or thousands of applications.

HCLTech's Cloud Native and GenAI Labs can help you execute your vision by deploying solutions such as Red Hat® OpenShift®, offering reassurance that you are making the right decisions and providing engineering acceleration to get started quickly.

First, validate your cloud strategy

labs can help you get from where you are today to your desired cloud-native end state. Our experts help you validate your cloud-native strategy by working through the complete end-to-end journey, addressing how to get legacy applications into a hybrid or multicloud estate and manage and modernize them.

With our in-depth knowledge of all containerization platforms, we'll help you select the right mix of technologies and understand the overall architecture. Sometimes, we run a PoC in the labs, so you are confident it can be deployed in production across your enterprise.

"If you want that trusted adviser relationship, that ability to walk into a lab environment and to have your challenges answered in a genuinely open way, we can help you fully appreciate when, why and how you should leverage each of Red Hat's products and help you understand what the overall solution should look like," says Alan Flower, Executive Vice President and Global Head – Cloud Native and GenAI Labs at HCLTech.



Our ethos is to empower our customers by sharing our knowledge.



Gain hands-on experience for migrating applications

Our experience tells us that many organizations have started the cloud-native journey. But they require help when it comes to migrating existing applications estate and business-critical software, addressing skills challenges and overcoming compliance-related issues in multicloud environments.

Our ethos is to empower our customers by sharing our knowledge. We do this by showing your teams what is required to modernize an application and how to do it so they gain confidence in working with cloud-native technologies.

Our labs show customers how to modernize an application by deploying it on Red Hat OpenShift and demonstrate how it is run in production so they gain reassurances that they have the right platform and products for their hybrid multicloud journey and the skills to begin implementing it immediately.

By pairing up our experts with your engineers, we can help you to deploy your chosen platform, such as Red Hat OpenShift, and move applications into it very quickly using our Kubernetes Migration Platform. As a result, you gain immediate value from your platform investments.

Our labs can also help you innovate your applications, whether adding new capability to legacy Java — hence, it performs best in a hybrid or multicloud environment — or demonstrating how machine learning (ML) tools can be applied to generate insights from large quantities of data.

Enhance skills and support a cloud-native culture

Taking developer teams through cloud-native development for the first time can be challenging. The multiple new techniques and technologies that give platforms their potential can require a steep learning curve. It's not surprising, then, that organizations can find their cloud journeys throttled by a lack of skills and capabilities.

In our labs, we help each client understand how to apply the right skills for their workforce's modernization journey by stepping into an organization's workforce and running a global program to retrain and reskill staff.

We work with your developers who need to modernize applications to be cloud-native, with your operations team to show them the value of running IT differently using practices such as SRE and with your architects to design new cloud-native solutions running on Red Hat OpenShift within a hyperscaler environment.

Case study: Helping a global automotive brand move critical applications to Azure Red Hat OpenShift (ARO)

Our Cloud Native and GenAI Labs recently supported a global automotive manufacturer that needed to quickly exit their legacy data center and adopt Red Hat OpenShift on Microsoft Azure, their chosen hyperscaler.

Historically, having used a legacy Java application running on IBM WebSphere to process orders placed for vehicles in their showrooms and dealerships, our team was able to demonstrate how running the application on Azure OpenShift (ARO) was a viable alternative that would provide the flexibility and future roadmap they were looking for. We also provided engineering assistance to accelerate the application migration process. Upon project completion, our client processed every vehicle order within two weeks and scheduled it on the ARO production line.

Get started and accelerate your cloud-native journey

HCLTech's close cooperation with Red Hat is focused on empowering companies and organizations to implement successful digital transformation. While our Cloud Native and GenAI Labs provide practical, hands-on advice and training for migrating and modernizing apps, our Kubernetes Migration Platform provides an easy, fast and reliable migration route to Red Hat OpenShift so that you can quickly take advantage of the benefits of containerization and modern cloud-native architectures.

if you'd like to benefit from an interactive, hands-on learning environment that provides everything you need for your end-to-end cloud-native journey in a single facility.

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