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Test earlier. Test better. Test continuously. Come and find out how.

Test earlier. Test better. Test continuously. Come and find out how.
March 09, 2017

We circle a key week on our calendars each year. This is the week when IBM #Interconnect arrives in Las Vegas

If you’re not sure what IBM InterConnect is all about, it’s the one event that you can get a year’s worth of professional education in just one week. So what goes on at IBM InterConnect? Tons of sessions, labs, workshops, demos and networking with more than 25,000 of your peers and industry leaders. An amazing week that you don’t want to miss.

Meeting you at our booths and sessions is a favourite part of the event. With that said, let’s give you a summary of sessions for the week that we know are sure to be of interest.

The first thing you’ll want to do at IBM InterConnect though is drop by our IBM booth (#678) and HCL booth (#548), say hello, stay a while and chat, and oh yes, pick up some giveaways. We won’t tell you what they are, so be sure to drop by and find out.

While you’re at our booths be sure to pick up a free copy of our Continuous Testing for Dummies book. If you know about Dummies books, they are a must have. This dummies book covers what Continuous Testing is all about and why you want to practice this popular DevOps approach to testing software. And we know you’ll want to get the book signed by the authors @MarianneHollier and @Al_Wagner, so check the time for the book signing and make a note to come back.

With your Continuous Testing Dummies book and giveaways in hand you’ll want to head off to some sessions. Here are our top picks.

Software Testing is Cool! But Don't Take Our Word for It—Come and Watch! (1749A)

Join Roger LeBlanc, IBM and a host of others, to learn why quality is essential, but for many projects it is difficult, time-consuming and/or expensive to assess. There are many ways to reduce the impact of software testing. Got 15 minutes? Come, see and learn.

IBM Software Testing Keynote: Quality is Essential (1988A)

You don’t want to miss our keynote session with James Hunter @mrjameshunter and Jean LouisVignaud, about the IBM point of view on software testing. Continuous testing is an essential part of DevOps, and we will look at how cognitive capabilities are beginning to augment the process of understanding software quality. You will also hear about what's new and how IBM's offerings support automated software testing on hybrid cloud, cognitive, Blockchain, IoT, mobile, Bluemix and enterprise middleware projects.

Feature Focus: What's New in IBM Software Testing Tools (1981A)

Chris Haggan and Matt Tarnawksy of HCL build on the announcements made in the IBM Software Testing keynote (1988A), and dive into the technical capabilities, updates and new features in the IBM Software Testing tools.

High-Performance Testing for SAP Systems and Applications (4839B)

IBM Rational Test Workbench lets you quickly develop complex performance test scenarios with script-less visual performance test and workload models. SAP projects are business-critical and transformation projects need to ensure scalability and performance before they go live. Dominique Guilbaud, HCL and Kent Siekfkes, HCL explain how IBM's performance testing solution can be used across different SAP technologies, such as traditional SAP R/3 or newer SAP web & HANA systems. SAP-specific performance testing challenges and techniques will be explained, along with real-life solutions.

Meet the Experts: Software Testing for Hybrid Cloud (7048A)

Join experienced software testers James Hunter @mrjameshunter and Al Wagner @Al_Wagner in this interactive session and take part in the discussion on software testing for hybrid cloud projects. Topics will include cognitive, Blockchain, mobile, Bluemix and enterprise middleware environments—but any topic might come up! Bring your own questions about functional testing, performance testing, integration testing and using virtualization within test environments. This session will be followed by an opportunity to spend time with a technical expert to focus on your own specific area of interest.

Distributed Functional Testing Using Cloud and Container Platforms (4832A)

Agile development and continuous testing practices dictate that a wide variety of tests across various browsers, operating systems, user environments, etc., be performed in the shortest amount of time. This makes acceleration using cloud methodologies not just a recommendation but a major imperative. Given the possible testing scenarios, this situation is going to continue to get worse from a tester's perspective. There are multiple acceleration platforms available today that can be leveraged, like Rational Test Workbench Web UI Tester on cloud and container deployments that could be private or public, on-premise or off-premise. Ashish Mathur, HCL and Vikas Setty, HCL will demonstrate such distributed testing to attain the most acceleration in your testing effort.

Automated Testing for IBM Middleware Projects (2000A)

To realize the value of your investment in IBM middleware (WebSphere, IBM Integration Bus and/or MQ) you need to minimize the impact of testing on the delivery of changes to your middleware platform, development codebase and integrations. Matt Tarnawsky and Mark Garcia will show how IBM's software testing tools can be used to test IBM middleware when needed—not just when possible—so you can manage your middleware without fear!

UI Testing with RTW Web UI Tester: A US Federal Government Department's Journey (6587A)

When the US Federal Government adopted IBM Rational Test Workbench (RTW) Web UI Tester for testing their Web-based application, they quickly realized its potential to automate the masses of manual tests they have in a relatively short time. Having used Rational Performance Tester for their load testing, it was simple to adopt Web UI Tester because of their similarity. Powerful features like visual scripting, strong built-in object locators, data pools and custom JavaScript coding have made it easy to create robust scripts. They were able to automate a large set of manual tests quickly, without coding. Ashish Mathur, HCL and Chris Haggan, HCL will explore their testing methods, and overview their lab topology, best practices and the improvements they saw.

IBM Service Virtualization/Test Automation: A SWIFT Processor (6839A)

Many financial institutions use SWIFT messaging to communicate financial information to external parties. However, challenges like fee-based service charges, infrastructure provisioning and test scheduling often result in a lack of SWIFT access across all environments. This session from Mark Garcia, IBM, shows you how to test earlier to improve quality, save time and money, by simulating messaging to external financial institutions with Rational Integration Tester's SWIFT component.

Using Docker to Run Virtual Services as Microservices (3438A)

Using IBM Rational Integration Tester, you can publish virtual services (stubs) to Docker, and run those stubs in a container on a Docker host. Bill Hudacek, IBM will discuss the technologies and techniques, present a demo, and discuss next steps.

Note: Although we tried to ensure the correct program titles and sessions IDs, it’s best to check these sessions at InterConnect.  Get the latest information and stay connected by using the IBM Events Mobile App. See details below.

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