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New Age of Distribution Grids with IoT
Changes in how electricity is generated are leading to a transformation in how utilities will manage distribution grids in the future. With the rise of commercial and residential roof top solar and wind generation, as well as battery storage,...
IoT and Blockchain

Mar 21, 2018

IoT + Blockchain: The promise of a game-changing convergence

Sooraj Kumar Raj Group Manager, Product Management Team, IoT WoRKS

IoT is meant to make things smarter and/or connect smart things to one another. It also offers a lot of automation possibilities. But certain tasks need to undergo data flow & governance controls. These can be done either via the cloud or may...
Digital Twins for IoT

Mar 19, 2018

Digital twins can be the intelligent edge for IoT

Sukamal Banerjee Corporate Vice President - ERS Sales (Hi Tech & Comm), Head - IoT WoRKS

It is the Internet of Things, but with an enterprise angle. Take that to mean industry vertical applications, development ecosystems, product design, hardware, deployment and more. This blogs emphasizes on the importance of Digital Twins as an...
Blockchain in Supply Chain
Supply chain is among the two industry sectors (financial services being the other one) which the blockchain is likely to transform in the near future. This blogs emphasizes on one of the prominent use case of Blockchain Technology i.e. Supply Chain...
IoT Infrastructure

Mar 15, 2018

Key developments around IoT Architecture & IoT Infrastructure


To build new outcome driven use cases rapidly, it is important to have an architecture that is Agile, Scalable, Flexible and Distributed and the basic plumbing services required to make this happen should be commoditized. This blog focuses on recent...
This blog talks about next-gen technology adoption in Manufacturing explaining the key factory vitals aligned to Industry 4.0. Moving from OEE to measure the factory productivity to Factory Wellness i.e. factory vitals.This blog talks about next-gen...

Feb 26, 2018

IoT Impact on manufacturing

Saurabh Chaturvedi Deputy General Manager

The blog talks about impact of internet of things in Manufacturing. There has been lot of development in adopting next-gen technologies like IoT in MFG and there has been huge investment under the use cases identified in this vertical.

Feb 26, 2018

IoT Testing/Quality Assurance

Vishal Chaudhary Global Operations Director

This blogs emphasizes upon the features & characteristics of testing & quality assurance for IoT Architecture and IoT Infrastructure. Why it matters to IoT service providers to focus more on this subject while developing any solution?
IoT Works

Feb 26, 2018

Internet of Things in Retail

Ashwini Global Engagement Manager

This blogs emphasizes the impact of IoT in Retail. How internet of things is enabling retail to achieve business transformation and what are the key use cases where IoT can play a big role.
As technology cultivates, fleet management is gratifying a part of the
Cold Chain Logistics

Mar 09, 2015

Cold Chain Logistics

Krishna Kumar Ramamoorthy Senior Manager


Apr 26, 2018

Impact of the EU GDPR regulation on US Airlines

Srinath Padman Deputy Manager, Digital & Analytics

The existing challenges of legacy systems and siloed databases, it is high time for airlines to take the first steps toward compliance and start identifying business related data risks, as having a strategy roadmap in place is several times better...
Smart Cities Can Improve The Quality Of Urban Life

Jan 30, 2015

Smart Cities Can Improve The Quality Of Urban Life

GH Rao President - Engineering and R&D Services (ERS)

Integrating Devices and adopting technology planning in our Infrastructure will give rise to smart cities with a better quality life
Emerging Technologies – The Future of Logistics
Logistics and technology go hand in hand. While the global supply chain has been around for an eternity, it is the powered engine, the container box and computers that make our world more connected and more efficient than ever.
Force Multipliers
Internet of Things (IoT) Security: Key Challenges & their Force Multipliers
Augmented Reality
In a world where various complexities are overcome by technological advancements, the aerospace domain/industry is pushed to think of alternative remote training methodologies to equip their professionals with necessary theoretical and practical...
Cold chain
The global IT spending in cold chain logistics market are now increasing at tremendous rate Operative management of temperature-sensitive products ,Stringent regulatory and compliance norms and the need to enhance connectivity and reduce energy...
Humane iiot
Strategies that plant managers and key IIoT decision makers should consider when embarking on their IoT-led transformation journey to make an enthused, engaged, and receptive workforce.

Internet of Things (IoT) Security: Key Challenges & their Force Multipliers
Ashay Chaudhary - Principal Technology Architect,IoT WoRKS | March 18, 2019

Internet of Things (IoT) Security: Key Challenges & their Force Multipliers

Globalization 4.0: Building a Hyper-connected World through IoT
Sukamal Banerjee - Corporate Vice President - ERS Sales (Hi Tech & Comm), Head - IoT WoRKS | January 24, 2019

We have much to thank the fourth industrial revolution for it is gradually shaping a world that is more transparent, efficient, and independent. In a fast-digitalizing landscape, we are experiencing the need for technology to be the bedrock of sustainable development.

IoT and Beyond: The IoT NXT Summit 2018
Manali De Bhaumik - Team leader, ISG Research | December 12, 2018

IoT and Beyond: The IoT NXT Summit 2018