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What to look for in employers with AI career potential

Read the advice in this blog and put some thought into what your AI career might look like.
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HCLTech Campus Hiring


HCLTech Campus Hiring
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What to look for in employers with AI career potential

If you’re interested in exploring a career in AI, now is an excellent time to do your research into the best employers for your goals. Your career journey will vary, depending on job type, level, and industry. Use this guidance to help steer conversations with recruiters and find your best spot.

To launch an AI-related career, look for organizations with an established AI mission and the infrastructure to drive it. You could use our company, , as a benchmark. This independent division operates at the forefront of integrating AI and generative AI into software products.



To launch an AI-related career, look for organizations with an established AI mission and the infrastructure to drive it.



How to spot employers with strong AI career cultures

Further representing the criteria of a solid AI ecosystem, HCLTech advises, curates, and orchestrates technologies from market-leading partners:

  • AWS
  • Google Cloud
  • Intel
  • Microsoft
  • Nvidia
  • Red Hat

Together, we provide scalable, integrated AI solutions, and this means plenty of career opportunities that touch AI. Our projects are often of global scale, and when you add partner-developed solutions, the scope gets broader.

As you research, look for a prospective employer that partners with other industry innovators to deliver solutions to various markets. Solid partnerships are a good signal of a respected, collaborative organization.

Will you work with professionals trained in AI business strategies?

Tech roles vary widely in their requirements, in part because many talented people don’t necessarily have an advanced degree. For your first tech role, typically you would look for “entry-level” or “junior” in the job description. Internships are another good way to break into the tech world, and HCLTech offers a rich portfolio of programs.

You’ll know you’re in a good spot to launch an artificial intelligence career if AI-enabled capabilities are central to the company’s business strategies. Ask a prospective employer about the various teams and departments that include AI in their strategies and deliverables.

For example, these are areas where you could build an AI-connected career at HCLTech:

  • Data and Analytics
    We build, test, and scale intelligent enterprise-wide systems. Lean, AI-enabled governance mitigates privacy and ethics-related challenges. Our teams apply AI and ML to improve products, services, and operations while experimenting to discover new value and insights for decision-makers.
  • Systems and Product Engineering
    AI-enabled systems and product engineering services bring transformation to enterprises. Services include Computer Vision and NLP, Generative AI, MLOps, and trustworthy AI. Teams accelerate project delivery with dedicated GenAI Labs equipped with DGX supercomputers and Nvidia JetsonTx2/Javier.
  • Business Process Operations
    We solve industry problems using AI, ML, computer visioning, and cognitive automation integrated with robotic process automation (RPA). We deliver process analysis, execution, and improvement, harnessing AI and generative AI for information search and retrieval, summaries, and content translation.
  • Infrastructure and Operations
    Teams help businesses adopt AI and generative AI with core infrastructure, intelligent operations, and digital services. This includes cybersecurity, conversational AI speech recognition (ASR), data aggregation, and AI analytics. Low-code platforms let enterprises build generative AI applications.

As you research employers, look at whether they have departments and functions like these, where AI has become integral to the value equation. If the company doesn’t reflect an AI focus in its offerings or services, it may not be the right place to launch an AI-related career.

What kinds of AI learning and development are available?

Look for a company that emphasizes learning and continued development in your chosen specialty, with opportunities to explore and upskill. HCLTech has an extended practice around both AI development and talent skilling. Our programs give you a good model for what to seek in a prospective employer.

Upskilling programs committed to closing the AI skills gap, like the program, introduce graduates and recent hires to new technologies and skills. Programs such as this signify a focus on helping employees adapt and bring value to a shifting landscape.

HCLTech understands the need for a pipeline of trained, innovative AI professionals to deliver on our business commitments. When you believe your people are your strength, it’s not a hard decision. Look for an employer that holds that commitment, no matter what the focus of your career.

What other questions should I ask in an interview for an AI role?

By now you probably have some thoughts of your own about researching where to launch your career in AI. As a parting tip, use these questions in upcoming conversations with recruiters and hiring managers.

  • What services do you offer that depend on AI and ML?
  • What industries and markets use your AI services?
  • What types of AI-related training are available?
  • Who are your industry partners in AI initiatives?
  • Where are your AI-related teams located?
  • How is AI part of the company’s future?

If you’ve been studying for a career in technology, artificial intelligence could be your path to satisfaction. We hope you’ve gained some insights and invite you to learn more about .

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