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Will your tech career include robotic process automation?

RPA is one of those fascinating, disruptive opportunities that could benefit so many businesses. HCLTech employees enable exemplary solutions to them.
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HCLTech Campus Hiring


HCLTech Campus Hiring
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Market disruptions force companies to change business models quickly, but many organizations are caught unprepared because they lack the necessary talent to successfully respond to change.

Robotic process automation (RPA) is one of those fascinating, disruptive opportunities that could benefit so many businesses in so many measurable ways, if only they had in-house talent ready to jump on it. Instead, those benefits are out of reach for many organizations because they don’t have resources to design and implement RPA-based initiatives. That’s often when HCLTech is brought in.

Our strong tech teams bring the skills needed to help businesses nimbly leverage technologies like RPA. We bring proven frameworks and tools that serve as catalysts along each RPA journey. Ultimately, business benefits like enhanced productivity, cost reduction and improved customer experience come together in smoother, faster ways.

Building RPA to help businesses compete on service

As more businesses strive to compete on service, RPA gives them an edge, catering to “right here, right now” requirements that earn customer loyalty. It is a useful solution in this area, with automation that steps in quickly to solve problems and accelerate processes at scale.

RPA projects at HCLTech involve delivering benefits like these to our customers:

  1. Shortened time-to-market
  2. Enhanced service delivery
  3. Reduced year-over-year costs
  4. Minimized manual intervention
  5. Improved predictability

Our technical teams facilitate strategic transformation of each client’s business processes. Cost benefits accrue, along with the speed, quality, continuity, and security of our service delivery. Processes become scalable and easy to manage. Sound interesting?



The broad network of RPA product innovators and academic partnerships enable HCLTech employees access to top product and support teams along with visibility on future roadmaps.



What’s it like to work with automation at HCLTech?

What’s it really like to build a career in automation at HCLTech? For one thing, you will quickly see that we take it seriously. The HCLTech RPA Center of Excellence (CoE) allows our organization to innovate like an agile startup but deliver like a disciplined enterprise. If agility, growth, and execution are on your must-have list as you start your career, you’re in the right place.

Our CoE and Automation Lab focus on innovative solutions tailored to specific requirements and challenges. The Automation Lab leverages the holistic HCLTech global delivery model to provide seamless customer service worldwide. In conjunction with our laser focus, the dedicated RPA CoE promotes faster deployment and brings scale and consistency to every engagement.

Growth-oriented careers lead to strong techno-functional expertise

We understand that no two engagements are the same. For that matter, neither are any two careers. By providing plenty of growth opportunities, we ensure our employees can find their spark and enjoy what they do.

HCLTech dynamically combines the strength of 1,000+ process, product, and domain experts to deliver the best results in every engagement. Many of these experts – and emerging experts – work in automation and RPA.

On-the-job exposure to best-in-class partners

Nothing compares to the experience of partnering with other big players in the RPA space. HCLTech has built strong partnerships with leading RPA product innovators and academic institutions to develop cutting-edge automation capabilities for our clients.

This broad network gives HCLTech and our employees access to top product and support teams, along with heads-up views into their future roadmaps. These are just a few of the ways HCLTech professionals stay prepared for change and agile implementation.

Many ways to build a career around automation and RPA

Many HCLTech employees regularly touch RPA applications, and growth opportunities and hands-on exposure to RPA span a wide implementation base. HCLTech currently has over 100 use cases of successful engagements across various industries and functions.

Let’s get you engaged with some of our fascinating work through an HCLTech career. and start a conversation.

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